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Since nearly time, intestinal syndrome has gradually increased in many local incidence. However, although the intestinal syndrome can cause a decrease in growth, the meat is increased, but the cause of death is not particularly large, so it is often people It is ignored, and some farmers often walk into the misunderstanding due to insufficient understanding of this disease.

Misunderstanding 1: Matching diarrhea

Many chicken disease can cause diarrhea, intestinal poison syndrome, and the intestinal poison syndrome is usually row yellow, dark red, brown brown Sugar row of feces, many veterinary workers’ first reactions are usually used immediately to diarrhea, as if the diarrhea is successful, but the cause of the intestinal syndrome is not in diarrhea, but autologous poisoning Therefore, if it is strongly prepared to repeat the autologous poisoning, the mortality will not fall and rose, or the effect is not effective after the cost of the administration. Therefore, the intestinal syndrome should lead to detoxification, not a flawat.

Misunderstanding 2: In the early days of the disease

In the early stage of intestinal poison syndrome, people tend to treat other infectious diseases, and the time of fierce treatment, but the result is often medicated. The post-mortality immediately appeared, and the treatment of two courses was reduced, why? The reason is very simple. Gram-negative bacteria breed a lot of intestines, which can cause intestinal digestive dysfunction to release a large amount of harmful substances, and then use high-dose antibiotics, Gram-negative bacteria death disintegration Over-dose endotoxin can cause the body to regulate the disorder and even shock death.

Misunderstanding 3: A variety of vitamins

A variety of vitamins can supplement nutrients, enhance the body’s resistance, but the use of intestinal poison syndrome is prohibited, not only, E. coli, Salmonella And other digestive tracts caused by other pathogenic bacteria cannot be used. Because the intestinal function is disordered, the intestinal function is disordered, which will cause nutrient absorption, but the harmful substance is not absorbed. At the same time, the feed is mixed together in the digestive tract and the intestinal mucosa, leading to a large number of bacteria, if a variety of vitamins are increased, one absorbs, two increases the nutrition of the intestinal contents, which is beneficial to harmful bacteria, and the treatment Hundreds of damage without no.
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Misunderstand 4: Mixedification

The intestinal poison syndrome causes the broiler to constantly brick (on the ground), then add the amount of food in the ground, and if the mixture is given, if the mixture is administered, it will result in the mixture. Feed is eaten by most healthy chickens and symptoms, the disease is not appetizing, or there is very little eating, there is no treatment effect, and cannot produce the effect.
Small Zhang believes that the first priority for the treatment of intestinal syndrome is to treat coccidi, and the sulfamine is the correct choice. It can first use sulfonama drugs in drinking water, feed, coccidin, aminoglycoside, and quinolone joint use effect in coccidia, and mixed infection of bacteria, viruses, using large cyclic esters At the same time, the drug should be added to the antiviral drug while adding astragalus poly glycal powder.

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