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The Taihang dog’s bodies up to 55-60 cm, the weight is 28-32 kg, the maximum weight is 40 kg, the thick feeding, the development is fast, the appearance is beautiful, the meat is good, and the Zhou Dynasty is one of the eight treasures.
Chow Chowog dog adult body is 50-55 cm, weighs 25-30 kg, with a maximum weight of about 40 kg. The dog’s fur is multiplied, the meat is excellent, and it is an ideal variety of flesh and use.
Scorpion dog adult dog body 55 cm high, weighing 25-30 kg. The maximum weight is about 40 kg, the fur is decent, resistant to hard feeding, and the meat is good, which is one of the better varieties of the meat.
Pork dog adult body is 45 cm high, weighs 15-16 kg, its unique place is a dog, like a pig, its meat has both pork scent, and there is a delicious dog meat, so I called “pork dog meat “It is a very popular meat treasure on the table.
The Division of the Dorset is 55 cm high, the weight is about 25 kilograms, the whole body is short, the limbs are developed, and the eyes are as red, the eyes are red, the beautiful, can be described as “national treasure”, is a meat, hunting Using, viewing multi-functional ideal varieties.
Dali adult body is 40-50 cm high, the weight is 17-25 kg, the skin is thick and wrinkles, the limbs are thick, the mouth is like a hippo, the tail, the ugly, the ugly, the meat is excellent, for Chinese and foreign dogs One of the treasures loved by lovers and flesh dogs (households).
Tibetan Mastiff adolescence is 80 cm, standing almost high, weight 50 kg or more, up to 100 kg, with its male dogs and other good breeding bodies, can cultivate new meat dog varieties, is the most One of the direction of the Jiaoyu, there is a conditional spectrum development.

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