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Professional breasts, Yangshan can use the 3 to 4 months of Lamb, using lineal fattening law, scientific feeding management, reaching the lamb fattening bar, short cycle, high performance.
This article is managed from the selection to feeding to management, and 5 steps can be fattened quickly.
First, choose fattening sheep-breeding
using good meat ram and local excellent ewec hybrids, with hybrid descendants, fast growth, feed utilization and lamb quality, etc. are higher than local sheep. Ask the meat sheep to be healthy, the limbs are strong, the skeleton is large, the waist is long, and the hoof is solid. Excellent meat sheep has small tail cold sheep, beautiful slave sheep, Charlotto sheep, Nanjiang yellow sheep, Boles goat, Taihang black goat, Saffu sheep, etc.
Second, raising a breastfeeding lamb
robust lamb is the basis of fattening. Therefore, after the lamb is born, it is necessary to eat pretty milk in time. The lambs who die for multiple lambs and ewes should be artificially breastfeeding. The formula is 50%, the sugar is 24%, the oil is 20%, and the hydrogen phosphate is%, salt 1%. 3% of soyofan powder. Bottle feed or bob feed, feeding the main time, temperature, regular, and quantitative. 7 days of age start to surprise with tender grass. 15 days of age, reinforcement, formula: 30% drying powder, 44% wheat straw, 25% of the fine material, 1% salt salt. After 30 days, it is based on grazing, and it is necessary to make up the fine. Strengthen sports and strengthen management. Lamb 3 – April age is breastfeeding.
Third, preparation before fattening
1, broken tail and go. The lambs can be broken within 1-3 weeks after birth, but the most ideal in 2-7 days. Choosing sunny morning is carried out, you can use a concret method such as a rubber, burning or fast knife, and disinfecting 5% iodine. The decision can be carried out simultaneously with the end, using a method such as surgery or rubber. 2, deworming stomach. According to the sheep, 5 grams of insectite powder, 0.2 grains, oral or mixed pieces, oral or mixed, or mixed with left-dimensions or phenylzole deramers. After dewifeworming 3 days, 25 grams of Jianweizu, 5-10 flavors, mixed, and 2 times.
Fourth, fattening method
1, hurt fertilizer. The fertilizer can not only improve your fattening speed and the outcome rate, but also guarantee the balance of market lamb. Reference formula: (1) 12.5% ​​of corn flour, grass powder, bean pie each, 17% corn, 10.3% of the peanut cake, 6.9% wheat bran, 0.7% of the salt, 0.3% of urea, additives. In the first 20 days, each sheep feeding 350 grams, 20 days after 20 days, 20 days, 20 days of 450Gram, the coarse material is unlimited, and the amount of sesame is. (2) 66% of corn, 22% of the bean cake, 8% wheat bran, 1% of the bone powder, 0.5% fine shell powder, 1.5% salt salt, 1% urea, 1% of urea, add selenium-containing intracene element and AD3 powder. The mixed fine material is fed with forage, and the ratio is 60:40. In general, sheep feeding 0.8-0.9 kg daily, fed 1.2-1.4 kg at 5-7 months, and 1.6 kg of age is born at 6-7 months. (3) 50% chin sugar, 24% of corn, 8% of rapeseed cake, 10% of sugar cake, 6% cottonseed cake, 1.5% seashell powder, 0.5% salt. Feed 3 times a day, fed once at night. Summer, water, winter and spring water. The sequence of feeding is: postgraduate rear material, after the water. Early satiety, late, diversified, feeding molding feed. Hay should be short. The sheep will be reduced to each of the dried yeast 4-6 pieces.
2, grazing and supplement fertilizer. The quality of the grassland is better, and grazing is mainly, supplemented by supplement, supplementing the feeding cost, and fully utilizing the grassland. Formulation: (1) 26% of corn flour, 7% wheat bran, cottonseed cake, 48% wine, 10% grass powder, 1% salt, 0.6% urea, additive 0.4%. After mixing evenly, the sheep will supplement about 300 grams every evening. (2) 70% of corn, 28% of the bean cake, 2% salt. Feeding 15%, mixed with mixed water and mix.
Five 2, add 15-25 mg of Moonenium per kilogram, evenly mixed into the feed. 3, add 10-20 mg of bacillus peptide in a mixed feed per kilogram, mix the lamb.
5 + 1: Careful management
There is no difficulty in the world, I am afraid that I have a heart! The most fear is the use of heart, as long as you use your heart, put it wholeheartedly, not doing it!
The sheep farm should do well, operate, sheep to raise, in addition to the various technical means, there is still something to do, carefully manage. Ask the sheepstook to dry, to the sun, the wind, build a plastic greenhouse, and the height is 1.5 meters, each sheep covers an area of ​​0.8-1.2 square meters. Keep the winter warm summer cool, smooth ventilation. Clean the floor, clean. Strictly disinfecting the coils, walls, terrestrial and external environments before fattening. Big and small sheep should be raised, easy toManage fattening. Regularly give the petroburneous, fast trolley, cerrites, cericotoxymia and other four vaccine immunization. Frequent brush swearing, keep the skin clean. Observe the health status of the sheep body and find abnormal timely isolation.
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