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First, 5 ~ 6 hours before the group, so as not to transfer the group, the chicken is eaten, resulting in more stress. It can first withdraw all the grooves in the cockroach, continue to supply water, and remove the water dispenser before the chicken.

Second, in order to reduce the chicken group, it is best to catch the chicken cage in the dark time of the light. When grabbed the chicken, first turn around 60% (can be used in red or blue lights) To reduce the sensitivity of chicken vision), make the light strong, the chicken is quiet, easy to catch.
Third, you can use the chicken net, one corner of some chicken circles to the chicken house, each time you should not get too much, then grasp the legs of the chicken with hand, you have to hurry, accurate, stable Don’t pull hard, don’t grab the chicken wings, head neck, to avoid chickens only injure. Veterinary drugs join

Four Grab the chicken, enter the cage, load, and don’t be light, it is not rude to throw, and the traffic should be smooth on the way to prevent the chicken. for reference only.

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