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The method of nursing chicken is a variety of ways, while plastic green sketchs are relatively low for equipment, conditions and technology, and are more and more popular with a lot of nursing households. In recent years, many farmers have chosen this kind of rice chickens in many rural areas, and they have achieved good economic benefits.

Low cost, less investment, general farmers can afford; convenient location, easy demolition, less democked; convenient management of chicken, feeding; high requirements for labor, high production efficiency The farming turnover is fast, short time, high degree of freedom, and nursing should adjust the farming in a timely market market.
Selection and construction of chicken plastic greenhouse.

In general, the plastic greenhouse of the chicken should be selected in the wind and sun, the terrain is high, the water source is easy to obtain, the transportation is convenient, and the aggregation area of ​​the crowd is suitable. If there is a slope of the slope of about 25 degrees. In addition, because live in the northern hemisphere, the chicken shed should take the north to south, and the north and south open the window, and the things open. The construction of the chicken shed is suitable for use in the ground, which can be used as a major material with bamboo or wood, plastic film. The general wreath of the general chicken house is 22 meters, 6 meters and 2.5 meters, supported with wood or bamboo, and can be used as a chicken house around the plastic film.

The humidity and ventilation control of the chicken in plastic greenhouse.

Plastic greenhouse chicken, summer morning and evening to roll up the bottom of the plastic film for ventilation, during the winter, during the morning, two or three o’clock, two or three o’clock, but winter Burning the fire in advance before ventilation. Ventilation time is generally controlled for about 20 minutes. In addition, the plastic greenhouse is generally humidity, so the tidal in the shed is relatively heavy, so some fine sand, the crute, and often replace it frequently.

Daily management of plastic greenhouse chickens.

Rural small-scale chickens, generally no self-cultivation ability, so to buy chicks, should choose well, we have the article introduced the chicking method of chicks, and friends who need it can go see. The chicks have 40-50 feathers per square meter, and sufficient illumination and temperature should be given. In addition, chicks must first drink water, feeding, add antibiotics to drink for 3 days to enhance disease resistance, feeding full price particles. In the late stage, the staple food can be changed toCrude feed in corn. Veterinary Medicine Join Network

Plastic Dapeng chicken chicken prevention and control.

Plastic greenhouse raised, chickens are less sick, but they can’t help. Chicken users can perform corresponding vaccine immunization according to the varieties of their own breeding, especially pay attention to immunity of coccidia. In addition, after the plastic greenhouse is in each batch of chickens, the feces, and the gasket should be cleared, and do a good job in disinfection.

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