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Forced the correct use of the technique, it can effectively shorten the championship time of the seed chicken, reduce the cost of cultivation, save costs, and extend the production period, and rapidly improve the economic benefits of the chicken operator.
1. Method for enforcement

The premium method of the meat seed chicken is currently a continuous hunger. A perfect implementation in front of the feathers is to ensure the key to the success of the shunt. The meat seed chicken strong replacement scheme includes several aspects of preparation, cycle, recovery, technical indicators, and technical indicators are the guiding principles for the development and implementation of enforcement.

In order to ensure the neatness of the feathers, the following three points must be achieved: First, the egg yield rate of the chicken group after the stop is stopped to 1% or less; second, from stopping The mortality rate during the egg yield is 50% must be controlled within 5%; third, the weight loss rate of the commutout period must be 27% -30%. Veterinary agent

2. Measures to enforce the feathers

The mandatory floating feathers of chickens refer to the use of artificial measures to shorten the power-saving time and the extension of the egg period. Chicken production technology. Correct use of enforcement technology can shorten the 10 weeks of chappine period; reduce the cost of developing youth chicken, saving costs; prolonging the production period of 3L, gaining more eggs, chicken seedlings, product eggs, etc .; purifying chicken Group, improve the quality of the egg.

Forced sauna, the induction principle of chickens, and after long-term production practice, in exchange for the large group of death, rejuvenation of the old chicken, rejuvenating the chicken body youth purpose. At present, the artificial compulsory premium method of seed chickens is a continuous hunger, and a detailed planning program is the key to the success of the pre-implementation forced saving feathers.

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