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Method for adjusting the water quality of the pond. 1. Pre-management.
10 days before the seedlings, there should be organic fertilizers or no-organic fertilizers that the breeding pool is raised throughout the fermentation. In order to speed up the fertilizer, microbial fertilizer can be used, and the water is cultivated to yellow green or yellow brown, transparency 30-40cm , Water is fat, creating a good algae phase, making it sufficiently live bait, the naked eye, can be seen a large number of rim, dendritic, deflection, etc. In the second half of the seedlings, it mainly relies mainly on natural bio-bait, and there is less voyage. In addition, it is laid in the middle of the rough seedling (such as 1.5cm), and the number of pneumatic days in a farming cycle is greatly shortened, and the bait in the water is reduced, thereby alleviating the pressure of the shrimp pond.
2. Mid-term management.
Mid-term management is the key. During this period, the shrimp growth was fast, basically relying on artificial payment. Premium miserable feed, where the main nutrients should meet the national standards, while other trace elements should be reasonable. At the same time, I adhered to the addition of immune polysaccharides and Vc in the early mid-term feeding of South America. It is indeed possible to reduce the death of Nanoli to shrimp morphosis or delaying shrimp. The death of shrimp groups in South America, in order to reduce the pollution pressure of the medium-term shrimp pool, It should be advocated the entire mid (South American white to the shrimp length 5-10 ㎝) to use the mixed feed, no or less fresh feed. Especially in South Americans, it requires appropriate refreshing water quality, using high protein feed, more quantity, fast, high efficiency, and small bait pollution.
3. Make full use of the superficial microorganisms to strengthen full management.
This is one of the main contents of ecological health culture. For example, Bacillus Bacillus produced by Changsha Thai Lai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.. Biodiversity, especially beneficial microorganisms forming advantage populations, is the simplest and effective measures inhibiting disease. The use of zeolite powder is used in combination, the effect is better.
In the later stage, it is also necessary to promote anti-nitrogenation microbial water purifiers such as Bacillus, to reduce the deposition of the pool base, and reduce the surface layer of the sludge to reduce ammonia nitrogen. In the end, it is a good environment for South America.
4. Feed additives and disinfectants are used correctly.
As immunocarries and VC applications and newly launched biological enzyme activity additives (including ginsenoside), the effect of improving South American white anti-disease can, ginsenoside is a natural biologically active substance, containing Ginseng, nucleoside, enzymeClass, amino acid polypeptides, etc., their ginsenosides have high income! Some people have done a high-level pool test, adding into the feed in the early days, and fed 15 days later, South America is fresh and bright, and the edge of the liver is clear. Due to the low temperature period, the control pool suffers from sick, and the South American white shrimps of the test pool accommodate the impact of low temperature, although the growth is unhappy, but has not sick, in the freshwater pool, its body color and disease resistance improvement It is also easy to see.
Some new disinfectants, such as composite disinfectants, show positive effects on the prevention of arc and South America against shrimp diseases. In Six, July, it is not regularly disinfected with several high-level pools, basically prevents the occurrence of broccoli red body diseases in South America; the disinfectant and beneficial micro-organisms should be promoted. If the composite disinfectant is administered 2-3 days, the Bacillus Bacillus in Changsha Tayle Biotechnology is to facilitate the reconstruction of the advantageous population of probiotics, so the purpose of using disinfectants is to help the establishment of ecological health culture.

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