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Prevention of yak white diarrhea

The disease mainly occurs in two weeks after the new birth, spreading or local popularity, all year round, in winter. The spread path is mainly in the digestive tract, or you can infection and umbilical cord infection. Escherichia coli is a conditional pathogenic bacteria, the calm is malnourished, feeding the early milk is not in time, the hood is dark, the density is too large, the feeding utensils is unclean, the climate is cold, often affects the body’s resistance Calling this disease.

Clinical features

This disease can be divided by blood type, intestinal toxic blood type, enteritis type.

1 After the semi-occurring type is often on three days after birth, it is acute process, often died within hours or L sky within hours or L sky, and the mortality is more than 80%. Most diarrhea, feces protein soup, light gray white, sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as elevated body temperature, psychosis and other symptoms. Sweet cattle, meningitis or umbilicitis may occur after 1 week after 1 week.

[2 intestinal acoustic blood type acute people do not die. Long, visible typical neurological symptoms, first excited, and then depressed, until coma, and then die.

3 intestinal inflammatory clinic is more common. Characteristics in the first diarrhea symptoms. At first discharged is light yellow, atherosclerosis, the water sample, light ash white, contaminate the body and legs, often have abdominal pain. The late high degree of dehydration, failure and bedding, sometimes spasm. If it is not treated in time, often due to false or secondary pneumonia. Individual cases may be self-healing, but the development is slow.

gastrointestinal mucosa, hemorrhagic inflammation; mesenteric lymphadenopathy; internal and external membrane hemorrhage; liver, nephrid, denaturation and necrosis stove. Cases with long course of disease and pneumonia.

1 antibacterial: oxytetracycline 15 ~ 35 mg / kg body weight, muscle injection, 2 times a day, followed for 3 days. Eyxamycin or streptomycin is also available, the initial dose is 35-60 mg / kg body weight, 12 hours later, even for 3-5 days.

2 Replenishing: When there is an appetite or self-sucking, orally orally, 1.5 grams of sodium chloride, 1.5 grams of potassium chloride, 2.5 grams of sodium bicarbonate, 20 grams of glucose, 1000 ml of warm water, Mild dehydration 60-90 ml / kg body weight, moderate dehydration 90-110 ml / kg body weight, severe dehydration 120 ml / kg body weight; can not be self-sucking, 5% glucose physiological saline or compound sodium chloride solution 1000-1500 ml, venous Injection; when acidosis, 50-100 ml of sodium hydrogen carbonate liquid, but the injection speed should be slow.

3 regulate gastrointestinal function: 2 grams of lactic acid, 20 grams of fish, 90 ml of water, mix thoroughly, 5-6 ml each time, 2-3 times a day. It is also possible to use compound new Nonoming, 55-60 mg / kg weight, lactic acid bacteria tablets 5-10 pieces, 5-10 plasma, 5-10 plasma, once in the mix, 2 times a day, 2-3 days.

4 When the condition is improved, it can stop the application of antibacterial drugs, discretion, such as laboratory, fluttering, etc., which is conducive to the calm recovery.

Preventive measures

1 Improve the feeding management of the pregnant cow, ensuring normal development of the fetus, and secrete good milk after childbirth. In addition, the cow is washed with warm soap water with warm soap.

2 to the calf bed, guardrail, sports field, etc., use 2% to Suer and other disinfectant.

3 Winter should be moisture-proof and cold measures to reduce the invasion of pathogens.

4 yak is 1 hour before fed the milk, 2 kg each time, enhance the body’s disease resistance.

5 The disease caller should be in time to feed, take effective measures to treat treatment, minimize the loss

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