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(1) The cattle group rectified
518 farming information network news: The breeding of cows should be hierarchical, and there is a key to carry out. First of all, the cattle group rectified, according to the production performance and body appearance of the cattle, divide the cattle group into three grades, both core groups, production groups and elimination groups. Three levels have both obvious division of labor, and cooperate with each other, form a complete breeding system. The proportion of each level in the cattle population can be determined according to the characteristics of the sexual mature age, the reproductive caller rate, and the general core group account for about 30%, and the propagation production group accounts for 50 ~ 60%. The elimination group accounts for 10 ~ 20%. (518 Farming Technology Network)
(2) Nuclear Group and Embryo Transplantation (MOET)
518 Farming Information Network News: Moet scheme is a method of selective methods, which is a propagation technique such as oversized ovulation and embryo transplantation. The core group cooperation breeding system combines early selection programs and accelerates the expansion of the core group. The MOET method starts from the selection of the breast bull, and later used for the choice of meat with bulls, as well as the choice of livestock in the number of live animals such as sheep, goats.
The biggest contribution of the MoEt breeding system is to improve the accuracy of the choice, greatly shortening the generation of generations, so that more genetic progress than conventional breeding methods can be obtained. In the cows, there are more than 4 years of adult systems in the cows, in the sheep and goats, in the sheep and goats use a child-type system that does not exceed 2 years.
The key to Moet is to create a cow core group with excellent production performance. Let the core group of cow work, to the excessive ovulation, use the best bulls and its own breeding, then use the collection of fertilized eggs, and finally transplanted the fertilized egg to the receptor cow (the receptor cattle can be a yellow cattle, also Can be a hybrid meat cow) intrauterine, making it pregnant and calving. (518 farming technology network)

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