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貉 Because of the factors such as thick feeding, less disease, easy management, farming cost, etc., is favored by the majority of fur animal farmers. However, some farmers have a relatively placed management, leading to poor fur quality, small leather, affecting economic benefits. The following is a brief introduction to the management points of each period.
1. The previous day grain is full of featuring principles. Increases feed-containing feed, feeds should be diverse and given water. Prepare the physical condition of the branch to adjust the diet, appropriately increase the full price animal, supplement the vitamin, feed variety as much as possible, feed the appropriate amount of yeast, malt, vitamin A, E, etc.,
from 10 The month begins to feed some feeding every 2 to 3 days, such as onions, garlic. Pay attention to the cold and heat preservation in the preparation of breeding, do a good job of environmental hygiene, standing for water.
2. Breeding
貉 日 貉 应 should have a full price, of which crude protein and vitamins A, E, D, B are satisfied, to increase animal material ratio. The diet of the public should be based on fish, meat, milk, eggs, to strengthen the management of environmental sanitation in the house, regularly replace the pollution of the grass, master the pairing time, preferably after feeding after half an hour.
3. After the fertilization of the mother-in-life, the full price of the diet is required, the quality is fresh, has a palatable, and has a sufficient amount of protein, vitamin and minerals. The feed is slightly thin, and you can feed 2 times in the early stage, and fed 3 times later. It should be quiet within the entire pregnancy period, prevent scare, strengthen drinking water, pay attention to observe the appetite, digestion, activity, etc. of the population.
4. In order to promote lactation, milk feed can be supplemented in diet, in addition to increased protein, vitamins and minerals in diet, and feed modulation should be fine, feeding the porridge should not control. Quantity. When you use it in the insufficient breast milk, you can feed, put fresh animal feed, add grain feed, vitamin C, and make up with milk.
5. Recovery
End of the public (April) After the sexual organs were developed again (September), the mother was broken from the mulberry to September, and the mysteria within 20 days after the public In 20 days of breast milk, feeding the fed-breeding period and the diet of the milk period, and then feed it to normal recovery period, the animal feed ratio in the day of the day is not less than 10%, from 8 to September. Animal protein in the diet must be increased.
6, young raging period, childrening, refers to late June to October or in Novemberten days. The first 2 months should supply high quality, full price feed, daily protein feed is not less than 50 grams / only, after gradually decrease, but can not be less than 30 ~ 40 g / day / only, Feed 2 ~ 3 times .
When feeding 2 times, the early accounted for 40%, 60% of late feeding; fed 3 times, early, medium, late, and night accounted for 30%, 20%, 50%. It is managed to strengthen domestication. Pay attention to heatstroke prevention and disease in summer, to make the food, the environment should be often disinfected, and also pay attention to the shading and ventilation of the creative, for drinking water, preventing heat stroke.

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