Method steps to train dogs with toilet

timg (4).jpg The dog owner only has to pay for a little time and energy, and the effect can be strengthened in the week, and the effect can be strengthened for two weeks. The main principle is to use the dog like a custom-point habit, let the dog transfer him to the toilet. But because the dog is not so smart, even if he learns to go to the toilet, it is not necessarily able to make the size of the stool to the toilet. So, your toilet is preferably squatting, suitable for the use of dogs.

Steps / Method Preparation: You have to collect a little dog’s size, put it in the toilet, make the toilet with the taste of the dog’s size, Some people use newspapers with dogs, and put their newspapers around the toilet, dogs generally choose to have the size of the sizes ‘smell.’ Or you can spray some inducers, sell online, you can buy a bottle.


When the dog turns a circle to sniffing the ground, you have to put the dog up to the pool of the toilet, you have to stare at him, don’t let He is running, knowing that he’ll ‘is finished. At first, the dog will not use the pool, only in other places, then you don’t punish the dog but to praise, touch, feeding. If you punish him, he will not dare to enter the toilet.

Repeat the second step:

When you see the dog, put it in the vicinity of the toilet, this process should be repeated for at least a week, otherwise the dog will not learn. . There must be a taste of the dog’s size in the pool, otherwise the dog will not be there.

Awards and punishments:

Dog know where to go to the toilet but not necessarily every time, sometimes he likes to choose his own place rather than the official designated place to go to the toilet, found dog After the dog is in the wrong place, you will punish your timely punishment, and the time should not be too late, otherwise punishment is no effect. The method of punishment is mainly loud, or you can corporate, see your temper. Seeing the right to go toilet to give a timely reward, the reward is late. Gradually approaches the right place: When the dog will not be so accurate, it is often the size of the pool, but you still have to reward it, wait until it gradually learns,You don’t have to reward, but wait for him to reward in the pool. After some days, the dog will gradually realize where is the right place to get rewards.

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