Method, Symptoms and Prevention Methods of E. coliosis in broiler

The disease can happen any season in the year, but in the winter and spring season, there is a significant respiratory symptom in the winter, and the occurrence of diarrhea is mainly caused in the summer and autumn season. The disease can occur largely and cause a lot of death. Basically any breeding broiler may infect Escherichia coli, and any aged broiler has susceptibility to the disease.

Under normal circumstances, E. coli is present in the intestinal tract itself, belongs to a normal bacterium, basically new chick. E. coli is present in the intestines, so E. coli may occur in any of the growth stages of broilers. In addition, the disease can be individually described, but most of the cases are secondary infections. In recent years, it will often concurrently or secondly new city dues, low-pathogenic avian influenza, chronic respiratory disease, infectious cystic cyst, contagious Bronchitis and diseases such as coccidia, resulting in rapid failure of the body due to multiple infections, the mortality is significantly improved, and it is difficult to control the epidemic at all.

Disease factors: Since most chicken farms have a mycoplasma, chronic respiratory diseases will often occur after the infection of the chicken group, and the respiratory mucosa is often damaged, which is easier to infect E. coli. If the chicken group is infected with some viruses, it will damage the respiratory tract and the digestive tract mucosa, reduce the body’s resistance, and the esteris in the body will be destroyed by the body itself, thereby causing a pathogenesis. The broiler is immunosuppressed, such as mesh endothelial hyperplasia, infectious anemia, etc., or feeding molded feed, can cause the chicken to reduce the resistance, causing the disease.

The level of feeding management is poor, and the stimulation of stress factors for a long time will lead to the happening and popularity of the disease. Or cold, ventilation ventilation, these stress factors can cause the disease to reduce the disease, which is easy to infect E. coli, thus the disease. The sanitary conditions are poor, the sick and dead chicken, sewage, and feces, etc. have not taken harmless treatment, leading to a large amount of environmental pollution, a large number of viruses, bacteria. Ignore disinfection or no strict disinfection, too crowding, large environmental humidity, and more beneficial to E. coli and other pathogenic microorganisms.

Clinical symptoms

Disease chicken often leaves the group alone on the side, mainly showing spiritual depth, low-shrinking, eyes closed, loss of appetite, obvious respiratory symptoms, such as cough, nose, snoring, The chicken is purple, the wings are sag, the feathers are fluffy, and the yellow-green feces are discharged. It is also easy to cause aspirations in the later period. The low-sick chicken eye has red swelling, and there is no crystal eye. Young chicks usually appear on the 15th, showing the weakness of physical fitness, wilting, and redness around the umbilical band, the abdomen has increased, and there is a drop in dysentery.

Prevention measures

Strengthening feeding management. The temperature, humidity in the control is suitable, keeps ventilation and ventilation, and reasonable adjustment of feeding density and feeding time with the seasonal changes, ensuring equalization of nutrition, and enhances the ability of body disease. From eucalyptus, you have to disinfect the chicken houses, equipment, equipment, and chicken group regularly, especially after the column, the hill house is preferably fumigation and disinfection, but also pay attention to the adoption of cross-coordination disinfection law. During the breeding, an appropriate amount of vitamins, antibiotics, and enhance the body’s immunity can be added to the feed to prevent outbreak disease. It is found that the diseased chickens have to be isolated or eliminated, especially paying attention to the frequent cleaning of the feces, and the iodine disinfectant can be used to disinfection. It is required to take harmless treatment for sick and dead chickens, such as deeply buried or incinerated.

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