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518 Farming Information Network News: The bulls in the bread have been very rich, and the villages have feeding. If some of them are good, there are many milk production, and the healthy yellow cattle and purebred Holstein breed bulls (never used The milk bulls were measured, and the number of hybrids can be improved. It can gradually improve the upgrade to cows, which is the number of cows, expanding the fastest and effective ways for dairy forage, and there is less investment, low cost, reliable, so there is no need to take risks, flowers Big money went to the field to buy those inferior cows or improved cows.
Over the years, the experience of rich, Dumon, etc. in Heilongjiang Province has proven this, and its effect is very good. At present, it is mainly to pass the level of hybridization, and the yellow cattle has gradually improved the dairy cattle with high-quality Hostan bulls.
Specific practice is to hybridize the capsule (yellow cow) with pure federal bull (freezing), the descendants produced are mixed generations, which contains 50% of Hostan bovine blood, and uses hybrid generation The cattle and another pure Nustein Bull continued to hybridize, so that the three generations of the three generations were all graded, it contained 87.5% of Hostein.
According to the standard of Hostein cows, this cattle can be identified as Hostan cows, and the amount of milk produces is generally about 4 tons. This kind of cattle must be managed in the standard and manner of cows, and it is not very different from the production performance and indicators of purebred cows. In addition, this hybrid improvement can also maintain the advantages of high creamy, resistant feeding and adaptability of the local yellow cattle. If there is condition, you can continue the level of hybridization, further increase the purity of the cow and milk production. (518 farming technology network)

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