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As the rabbit household continues to increase, rabbit disease has also begun to become the most worrying thing to raise rabbits, how to treat breast inflammation? Hereinafter, methods and prevention of rabbit breastitis. How to treat rabbit breasts? Rabbit breast inflammation: When the breastitis is slightly, the milk is extruded, washed the breast; and the cutting seps and the elimination of conventional surgical treatment such as pus and serve are severe. How to prevent rabbit breastitis? Measures to prevent rabbit breastitis: After childbirth, according to the fare breast energy, adjust the number of female rabbits. There will be less milk, and there will be a lot of milk, and there will be many milk, which will cause the breast rabbit to suck, hit the breast or bite the nipple, causing this disease). Clear the rabbit cage, especially the sharp objects of the bottom plate of the cage, prevent skin damage; when the rabbit is subject to trauma, it should be disinfected in time.

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