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The summer season is a golden period of feeding of meat, but the high-temperature and high humidity environment is easy to make duck manure fermentation to harmful gases, affect the duck duck synergy. If you want to increase the survival rate of the summer duck, you must “eight pay attention to the feeding management” pay attention to the density of the breeding density, which is easy to cause congestion and accumulation, so it should reduce the breeding density of the circle. Squeezing sinks and bowling tanks are added. Note that the feed formula is in the summer of the feeding, under the premise of all the essential chlorosaic acids that satisfies the demand of Duck, minimize the content of protein in the feed to avoid feeding waste. Pay attention to feeding time to feed as much as possible from 8:00 to 10:00 and 20: 0022: 00. If there is duck problem, you can help you, call / WeChat: 17768276005 Note Daily disinfection, do a good job of disinfection, prevent flies, mosquitoes, pay attention to the dry temperature of the duck, the duck house window should open ventilation, Conditional can be dissipated using ventilation equipment. Pay attention to the freshness of feed in high temperature and high humidity, the feed is placed in a long time to ferment deterioration, and should be cleaned up in time, and the freshest feed should be removed. Pay attention to the environment and quiet to avoid disturbing the duck groups, try to minimize duck group activities. Pay attention to the prevention of the disease prevention and treatment of duck groups, such as the illness duck is time to isolate, symptomatic treatment.

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