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With the development of society, people’s living standards are constantly increasing, and the demand for meat, eggs and milk is increasing. Humans have improved the safety awareness of food, and milk as high quality food is increasing to people’s dining table, while milk security issues It should be more concerned about us. At present, on the status quo of breeding management in my country’s dairy industry, milk in milk is the first major factor affecting the development of the dairy industry. The number of cells is one of the important indicators of the sanitary condition of fresh cattle. The increase in somatic cells will increase the protease and hydroflavipase in the milk milk, so that the content of the whey protein is increased, and the casein content is lowered, so that the shelf of the dairy product During shortening, the flavor of the dairy product changes. So, what are the causes of somatic cells and somatic cells? At the same time, what is the harm of vital cells? Today, we do a system discussion! First, the concept of somatic cells: milk cells refer to a large number of white blood cells and a little breast epithelial cells in raw milk. It is usually composed of neutrophils, macrophages, lymphocytes and small amounts of breast tissue epithelial cells. The number of milk cells reflects the quality of milk quality and cows. Under normal circumstances, the head fetal cattle is 10 ~ 150,000 / ml, the second bull is normal to 20 ~ 300,000 / ml, three fetal cattle 30 ~ 500,000 / ml. It is generally considered that the amount of milk in the milk is more than 500,000 / ml, will have a significant adverse effect on dairy breeding, dairy production, diet health. Second, the cause of somatic cells: there are many reasons for body cells, such as environmental sanitation, seasonal and stress, lactation, feed and nutrition, age and fetal, milking equipment, etc., because of dairy breasts Infection causes breast inflammation, the prevention and treatment of breastitis for cows is an important way to control somatic growth. Here, the main reason for causing breastfeeding in cows: 1, most of the scattered milk is not standard The old house, use the original old room, winter can’t keep warm, summer can’t heat the heat, due to cows, can’t adapt to weather changes and temperature changes, causing crumbs. 2, cows do not have a sports venue, can’t get a full exercise, causing cows for a long time, the breasts are extruded in a long time, and it is easy to cause milk cows. 3, the health difference of the Niu House, does not perform regular disinfection, the feces in the Niu House is not in time, so that the cows live in wet, dirty environments, cattle sanitary and breast hygiene, causing cows with breast inflammation. 4, milkThe bullish fresher is not fresh, and the nutritional ingredient is not enough to cause milk. 5, the cow has not been treated in time after suffering from breast inflammation, resulting in a serious condition of dairy breasts. 6. The intact and working conditions of milking facilities, such as pulsation frequencies, vacuum negative pressure, stability, destroyer permeability, intact and softness of rubber lining, etc., can affect the health of cows. Third, the harm of milk cells exceed: 1 It can lead to a decline in milk day, long-term production, which can cause the milk production milk during the milk production, even if he is cured, it cannot be restored to the previous milk volume. 2, the impact on milk quality: Dairy processing enterprises have a milk, lightweight price cuts, and the milk refuses to reject the amount of milk, and the dairy farmers can only fall, directly affect the economic interests of dairy breeding. 3. If the milk cell exceeds the standard is not controlled, or the treatment measures will not be appropriate, it will lead to a sharp decline in milk milk, the dairy elimination rate increases, causing the loss of irreparable to the dairy farmers! Fourth, the control measures for milk cells are exceeding the standard: Treatment principle: adhere to the principle of “prevention-oriented, anti-weight”, early discovery, early treatment, strengthen feeding management, eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, control the inflammatory process, improve system conditions, Prevent septic phenomena. More related knowledge exchange pays attention to V17661296613

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