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Dairy is special
a zero-resistant, zero-residue anti-infective micro-infection micro-ecological preparation, with its excellent bacteriobacterial function, the inevitable choice of breastitis.
The source of the milk is composed of live bacteria and its metabolites.
Zero drug residue
Milled source metabolite is primary metabolites
regulating rumen microorganisms
The source of milk and its metabolites are beneficial to the growth reproduction of rumen-raw bacteria
Improve feed absorption
The source of the milk has a strong enzyme capacity.
Improve production milk, reduce somatic cells, prevent recessive breast inflammation

anti-cattle breasts specifically IGY, lactic acid spontium, eosinophilus, chelated vitamins, amino acids, cysteine Amine peptide, whole ovin peptide, active yeast, amino acid chelate iron, copper, zinc, disease resistance factor, healthcare factor, beneficial bacteria, bioactive complex enzyme, biologically active small peptide, etc.
Product traits
This product is yellowish powder, there is a special fermentation aromatic flavor.
This product is produced by “three-step multiphase combined fermentation” patent technology, with deep fermentation, centrifugation, vacuum cryogenic and low temperature, supplemented by immune polysaccharides and various digestive enzymes.
1, can completely decompose weak mold toxins in mildew feed, can completely replace preventive antibiotics;
2, it can significantly improve the various indicators of cows production, and the test proves to increase production of 8-20% milk. . Extending the peak of milk production in 15-35 days, increased the cream rate of 0.25-0.4%, while improving the milk protein content 0.02-0.05%;
3, there is a special effect on the prevention and treatment of milk cow breastfections, can reduce the incidence of breast inflammation 60-70% At the same time, it is also highlighting the effect of cow sour milk;
4, accelerate yak stomach development, can effectively reduce diarrhea ratio of 47%, increase the feed utilization rate of 2.5%;
5, highly biological stability, resistant to extrusion, Acid (pH 3-9), high temperature resistance (90 ° C heating 30 minutes live bacteria loss less than 1%);
6, reduce feces excretion, reduce the ammonia smell, reduce flies.
How to use
1, Application range: yak, youth cattle, high-yield cows, dryMilk cow.
2, usage: 1 yak Niu Ben products 1000g mixture 1000-2000 kg, if the product is 1000g mixture 500 kg is uniformly mixed when there is a diarrhea;
2 Youth Cattle and dried milk cow Book 1000G mixture 1000 -2000 kg, uniformly mixed;
3 high-yield milk cow Ben products 1000g mixture 500-1000 kg, even mixed, in case of weather mutation, transfer group, noise and other stress 1000G mixture 500- 1000 kg added.
Packaging specification
1000g / bag × 20 bags / piece
1, with the vaccine combination has a synergistic effect;
2, should be placed in dry, cool, ventilation save.


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