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The fur animal species beast must be carefully managed. It cannot be temporarily hugged. If the reproductive period, I think about them. After the breeding period, I will have a lot of leaves, even feeding the leaves of the beast, thinking that the beast is good, It doesn’t matter if it is slim, it is early, and it is feeding white.
Customarly said: “The ice is three feet of cold”; Chunhua has autumn, and it is necessary to maintain a healthy body in the non-developing period, and make a good foundation for the reproductive period.
Adult beasts can be divided into a love period and relaxation. In order to narrative convenience, the retouch will be divided into three periods: 1, the early days {Emotional end nurse}, 2, the middle of the rest, 3, the late stage of the late period {breeding preparation period.
Feeding management of {Emotional Emotional Emotional Emotional Emotional Emotional Differential Differences in Emotions and Various Subsidiars, Can’t divide in a unified time, can only end their estrus Time to determine.
The beehere has a weak life, and the main task of this issue is to recover the physical condition as soon as possible. With the improvement of appetite, gradually increase feeding, food quality requirements cannot be lower than the estrusual standard, and animal feed in the diet is not less than 90%. For the beans that do not restore appetite, actively find reasons, symptomatic treatment.

If there is no other disease, you can add vitamins, which is generally recovered quickly. Vitamin C injection, compound vitamin B injection or vitamin B1 injection, vitamin B2 injection, vitamin B6 injection, muscle injection.
Rats in the middle of the rest: This period is longer, across the gestation, lactation, and relaxation period of the mother and beast. The growth period of the beast, winter roll period.
Not only passed through spring, autumn, winter, but also through the entire hot summer. This period maintains the medium physical condition of the behem, it is not appropriate to have fat, because the obesity of the beast, the lower skin, is not conducive to heat dissipation, easy to heat.
Summer beast cage is to be placed in the shade, drinking water is sufficient, and it is not shortened by the beast.
The amount of feed quality of the beast cannot be reduced, and it cannot be fed to feed the beast. The animal feed in the diet is not less than 80%. In late June – early July, vaccination and insectomy work.
Feeding management of {breeding preparations}: This period is until late November. This task is to adjust the physical condition of the beast to a medium-term level.
The sexual organ development of fur animals is closely related. When the light is gradually decreasing, the development of sexual organs begins, and the winter solstice has gradually become long, and the development of sexual organs is accelerated, but the light is too long.
The animal feed in the diet is not less than 80%, and the amount of feed is gradually increased, and the male side of the beast is arranged after east, and the animal feed, such as animal liver, egg, milk, vegetable oil.
Plant oil contains natural vitamin E, which can promote the development of sexual organs and increase fertilization. Plant oil, 1 gram, 5 grams of fox. In the case of daily feeding trace elements and vitamins, the appropriate amount of vitamin AD, vitamin E ,. Vaccine vaccination and deworming work in January.
Eyrology Feeding Management: Animal feed in the diet is not less than 90%, and animal feed must be fresh and tasted. On the basis of feeding 2 times, you can supplement eggs, milk, vegetable oil at noon and evening.
Emhing with the decline of appetite, the food is good, what is it? An appropriate amount of appetite feeding vegetables, melons or raw eggs.
The appropriate amount of vitamin AD, vitamin E, zinc gluconate, pollen of vitamin AD, vitamin E, gluconate, pollen. Zinc is a trace element that contains high concentration zinc in the testicles of male animals, prostate, semen.

When the content of zinc in the human body is deficient, the sex function will be low, the synthetic testor is lowered, and the enzyme is disturbed. Zinc has special effects on excited sperm activity, and zinc deficiency will cause a decline in sperm activity.
Long-term is in a lack of zinc-deficiency and failure to supplement, and the number of sperm can be significantly reduced, and the testicular atrophy, and finally leads to infertility. Zinc gluconate daily use of 貉 貉 1mg, 貂 0.2 mg.
Pollen has enhanced sperm viability, increases sperm density, and reduces sperm deformity. The protein content per bicycle pollen can be as high as 25 to 30 grams, including more than a dozen amino acids, and is free to be absorbed by the human body.
This is what other natural foods cannot match. The pollen also contains 40% of sugar and a certain amount of fat, as well as the rich B vitamins and vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, etc., of which the vitamin K is confirmed by scientists to delay the human body Cell aging processes, an important substance of prolonging benefits. pollen also containsMore than 10 inorganic salts and more than 30 kinds of micro-elements and 18 enzymes, including iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium, and 18 enzymes, and hydrolic acid and some hormones, growthins, antibiotics, and the like. Therefore, pollen is a mellow nutritious food.
Emotician beehere should not let sunlight, and short sunshine can extend the estrus. Flower chinensis 4 grams, 1 gram.

1. Protein:
Protein is the material foundation of life, there is no life without protein. The function of the protein is to form body cells and tissues to promote growth, participate in body material metabolism, form antibodies, enhance immunity and supply heat.
The basic unit of forming the protein is amino acid, and the amino acid is divided into two categories of essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids.
The essential amino acid refers to the body itself cannot synthesize or synthesizing the speed of the body, and the amino acid must be taken from the food.
Non-essential amino acids are not to say that the body does not need these amino acids, but the body can be synthesized or converted from other amino acids, not necessarily directly from food.
Comprehensive, also known as high quality proteins, but also known as high quality proteins; plant proteins, such as bean proteins, is incomplete.
So animal protein should be used as the main source of proteins. Various types of amino acid contents of various animal feeds have a significant difference, so three or more animal feeds must be matched, which can be complementary to amino acids.
Second, fat: fatty substances have important biological function 1. Substances in the biological body and supply 1 gram fat in the body to decompose into carbon dioxide and water and produce 38 kJ (9kcal) energy, more than 1 gram of protein or 1 The carbohydrate is more than double.
2. Composition of some important physiological substances, fat is one of the substances of life is one of three major components (protein, fat, carbohydrate) in the human body. Phospholipin, glycolipid and cholesterol constitute a cell membrane, and cholesterol is a raw material for synthesizing bile acids, vitamin D3 and steroid hormones.
3. Maintain body temperature and protect the internal organs, buffer external pressure subcutaneous fat prevents too much extraction of excessive body temperature, reducing body heat loss, maintain constant body temperature constant. It is also possible to prevent external thermal energy from being transferred to the body and have the function of maintaining normal body temperature. Interiors around the organThe fat pad has a buffer external force impact to protect the internal organs. Reduce the friction between internal organs.
4. Provide essential fatty acids.
5. Important sources of lipolytic vitamins, vitamins A, D, many plant oils rich in vitamin E. Fat can also promote absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and fatly soluble vitamins.
Third, carbohydrates:
There are three types of carbohydrates: sugar, starch and fiber.. The source of carbohydrate is mainly plants, including cereals, vegetables, and fruits, etc. Animal milk also also contains a rich carbohydrate.
1, constitute the main substance of the body. 2, provide heat, the main source of the body energy. 3. Maintain the energy of the brain function; 4, adjust the fat metabolism; 5, provide dietary fiber.
Four, vitamins:
Participate in the synthesis and metabolism of body enzymes, is an indispensable nutrients for animals survival, growth, and maternity. Water-soluble vitamins include vitamin B, vitamin C, etc., lipid-soluble vitamins include vitamins A, D, E, K. Among them, the effects of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin B6 on reproductive are particularly important.
Vitamin A: The function of vitamin A maintains normal visual response; maintaining the normal form of epithelial tissue; maintaining normal skeletal development; there is maintaining skin cell function.
When the average, the mother beast is lacking, the semen quality is poor, low in pregnancy, infertility or embryonic development is abnormal.
Vitamin E: Also known as hormone, can promote sex hormone secretion, increase the nutrient and number of men sperm; increase the concentration of female female hormones, improve fertility, and prevent abortion.
When vitamin E is deficient, the mother beast is delayed, infertility and empty, the behemoth is reduced, and the sperm quality has declined.
Vitamin B6: When vitamin B6 is lacking, the empty rate of pregnant female fox has increased, and the mortality rate of produced. The male folk function disappears or has no inexhaustible, and no sperm. The testicular testicles were significantly narrowed, and the testicular variability and inspected sperm.
Five The role of inorganic salts is a very important role in maintaining the steady state of the environment in the body, which is a necessary condition for the normal life activities of the body.
Although zinc is a trace element, it is especially important for reproduction.In the male animal, zinc plays an important role in maintaining and facilitating performance, improving sperm quantity.
Scientists found that the essence of sperm in the testicles must have enough zinc as one of the raw materials. The zinc deficiency will reduce sex hormone secretion, thus make sexual function, narrowing the testicular, and the number of sperm is reduced.
Since the zinc deficiency will reduce the concentration of ephedone in the blood, it will inevitably affect the production, maturity and sexual function of sperm. Zinc is also directly involved in sperm the glycolysis and oxidation process, maintaining the integrity and permeability of sperm cell membrane, and maintains the viability of sperm.
Zinc deficiency reduces the vitality of sperm so that the long journey from the child’s neck to the uterus and fallopian tubes cannot be completed.
Six, water: water is the source of life, no water, there is no life, must ensure that water meets the supply.

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