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First, the main raw materials: mink.
Second, equipment appliances: knife, wooden board, etc.
Third, the production method: first slaughter. 518 Breeding Technology Network This paper is as follows:

1, breaking the cervical appendicularity: grab the mink neck in one hand, grab the head in one hand, and press the front to go forward, break the vertebrae. Pay attention to nasal bleeding, apply it immediately. Prevent pollution fur.
2, injecting air method: Take 5 to 10 ml of air from 5 to 10 ml to the water in the heart of the syringe.
3, pin agent poison death: Ning 0.7 ~ 1 ml of injection concentration is 0.7 to 1 ml of nitrate, injecting the chest. Note that this method is killed, don’t put it together to prevent hair. In addition, the remaining mink cannot feed other animals.
After killing the 貂, then it is peeled. Peeled technology is also critical. Usually the method is to open a knot, that is, using a knife tip (or scissors), from a whipper toe the knife, the midpoint of the inner side of the rear limb, picking to another hind limbit toe the heart, and then by the tails The midpoint, pick it to the rear edge of the anus, then pick it to the two-rear claw, remove a small triangle. Under the knife, don’t pick the anal gland to prevent the size of the size or skew. First peeled off the hind limbs, peeled into the knee joint, peeled with the knife to the toe, cut off two sections, the first toe bone is left on the skin, let the leather, then peel the tail, the genitals and hips, remove the tail bone, After the limbs are inverted, there is a uniformity of the hand to pull the sleeve, take off the front limbs, stripped the front limbs, then continue to peeled forward, when the eyelid, the ear hose, the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye Cut, make the ear, the eye, and the nose is kept intact. The method of loading the panel in the Mao Dynasty is loaded. Then use the oil bladder, the end, the hind and the edge of the edge of the oil plate. Drying at dryness, when drying to 67%, the rotation rolls are dried, and the water content should not exceed 15%. Then use the sieved fine sawmone, add the appropriate amount of detergent to wash the dried mink plate, wash the oil, the dirt, until the leather plate dry, can’t see the saw. Wash the fur once, wash it to the plush clean and gloss. Finally, use a little stick to gently hit the fur and the sawdust dust is bull. After the mink is dry, you should finish it. First use the sawdust, then use the towel to dip alcohol or gasoline and wipe the hair, make the plush look beautiful, clean, and lustrous.. For partial bending, it can be done with hot water at 70 ° C to 80 ° C with towels, screw it, and pick a few times, with 95% to 98% of variable straight hair. Sprinkle your hair with a comb and sew holes. According to the public mother, back to the back, abdominal on the abdomen, and use the appropriate weight of the flat light wooden board pressure after 10 ~ 15 hours, it can be sold.

Four, Process: Slaughter → Opening → Peeling → Dress → Washing → Alcohol Wipe → Corruption → Finished Products.

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