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518 breeding technology network news, how to invest in the management of black goats in rural areas? What are the management techniques of rural planning to cultivate black goat? This is what many people are studying, and they are generally intensive to cultivate black goats. Raising, farm has a management method for a hand of black goat.
Montenever sheep, the farm must establish a special multi-expert, which is both a cadres and workers who have the cadres and workers who have a mechanical operation technology. . The enthusiasm of all personnel of Montenever Turkong is then mobilized by strict labor combinations and labor management to achieve the expected business goals.
The nutritional needs and variety choice of black mountain lamb sheep, breeding Monteneer sheepwool must have sufficient crude feed to meet the demand of tumor stomach microorganisms, and then cooperate with diet and economic benefits according to the production purposes and economic benefits of Duohan Sheep in different stages. In terms of varieties, you should choose the right to raise an excellent black goat, such as the characteristics of a strong, anti-illness and survival ability, and have developed the scale of many farm resources. Such black goat is suitable for intensive circulation or stocking of.
Another point is to pay attention to the diet of the black goat. It should be noted that the feed cooperation should be fully nutritious, variety of variety, strong, easy to digest, fine, thick, and green feed reasonably. The lamb will make it early, to ensure health; breastfeeding lambs can grazing, supplement vegetative feed, promote rumen, and strengthen the ability of lamb to the external environment; growing Yang Japanese grain, mainly, And according to production purposes and coarse materials, reasonably compare materials; Montenever sheep food sheep is based on high-finished yukage, and supplementing the pregnancy of breeding ewes to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus.
How to prevent black goats in the process of feeding, how to prevent black goats? This should pay attention to it. Montenever sheep winter disease is a very seasonal outbreak, popular in deep autumn to the early spring, lamb injustice, also It is easy to cause great economic losses. Farm should do a good precaution,
1. Strengthen feeding management, enhance the body’s resistance, reasonably match the diet, maintain the stability of the feed.
2, reduce stress reactions, drink warm water in cold weather, keep the circle to dry, and the sheep house can be laid in the sheep house, and do not feeding the frozen feed and drinking cold water.
Circum-made black goats, in terms of forage, rural should vigorously promote forage processing raising sheep technology. Feeding of traditional black goats often does not have any processing modulation, and most of the corn straw feeding the whole straw straw, so after feeding, the digestive utilization is low, which not only causes great waste of forage resources, but the sheep only The growth rate is slow, the feeding cycle is low, and the rain rate should be widely promoted, and feed modulation and processing technology such as green silation, ammonia, fermentation should be widely promoted, and the economic benefits of black goat farming should be improved. (518 farming technology network)

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