More useful in scorpion, small soda

Many raised chicken friends, in the process of chicken, more or less will be used in small soda. The chickens are small soda, except for the kidney, the anti-resistance, what else do you know?

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Small soda is not a medicine, but it will be used in the chicken. But the amount, the usage should be controlled, I don’t know if I can talk to Li Chen 13639852867 Xiao Su fight? Small soda has a dissolved mucus, spositia, acid acid and enhanced appetite effect. Absorbing the sodium required to supplement the sodium required for the body of livestock and poultry is good for livestock and poultry health. Small soda is added to the feed for additives, and the feed utilization can promote livestock growth and increase the yield of meat emulsion! Therefore, small soda is a nice feed additive! How to use small soda with small soda, 1000 kg of feed plus 2 to 3 pounds of baking soda, can effectively reduce heat stress! Prevention of chicken in the heatstroke. Second, add a small soda in the young chicken, adult chicken and broiler feed, chicken glare, increased feeding, fast weight, and unknown cause mortality will also be significantly reduced!

Third, adding a small soda in chicken feed, can also reduce the occurrence of gastric erosiasis and chest inflammation, and chicken toe abnormalities! Fourth, small soda can also be used to treat chicken inner displacement diseases. Fifth, small soda can be used in the kidney! (Since sodium hydrogencarbonate can make the urine, it is easy to add the amount of uric acid. Sixth, small soda can prevent sulfandes in urine precipitation when the sulfamidamine is in the same session. Seventh, sodium bicarbonate and streptomycin can enhance the antibacterial effect of the urinary tract! These are all the wonderful use of small soda in the chicken, reasonable application, and raise a healthier chicken. Li Chen recommends the brightness of the fermentation bacteria, the live bacteria preparation makes strain, promotes the intestinal absorption and improves feed conversion, reducing the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs, and improves the growth of chicken and chicken body, decreased Chickens ammonia. WeChat picture _20180903162439.jpg
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