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The kitten loves to eat fish, the fox is more inseparable! In the small sea, the fish can become the main feed of the fox. The amino acid content of the fish is similar to the protein of the blood, which can be used as the main animal feed of the fox (especially the Arctic fox), and the price is cheaper.
However, it should be noted that the amino acid content must be small in by-products such as fish head, fish row and fins, can be used in a small amount, only 10% -15% of animal feed proteins, and must ensure other full The supply of price. Otherwise, serious consequences will be produced.
According to the physiological characteristics of fur animals, scientific design, modulated Alaski cod liver oil, taken from deep sea silver squid liver, rich in natural vitamins A, D, E and rich unsaturated fatty acids and small amounts of DHA, different from artificial synthesis Vitamin A, D.
Fish is an important source of vitamins A, D, B12 and calcium, phosphorus feed, cobalt, iodine content is also quite rich, but iron, copper, manganese, and zinc content. The sea fish that do not go to the visceral can account for 30% of the total feed, and the general needs of vitamins A, D and B12 can be guaranteed.
When feeding fish, pay attention to: due to the narrow (Ming Taishi) green, the squid, the squid, such as the squid, and the iron becomes the form that cannot be digested, the Arctic Fox The amount of a squid cannot be too large, and 40% of the animal protein is not exceeded.
When a large number of feeding fs, add glucose ferrous to supplement iron. Otherwise, anemia, the loss of appetite, indigestion, the growth of the child, the sexy of the male fox is reduced or has no sexual desire; the empty fox is increased.
In addition, some sea fish such as label fish, sardines, Far East sardines, silver spikes, latch, etc., as well as some freshwater fish, squid, squid, sauce, squid, etc. It can destroy vitamin B1. When using it, the fish should be cooked and lasts a few species to make the thiamine enzyme.

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