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518 raising sheep network, under the circumstances, due to the nutrients of the ewes and small sports, it is very prone to malfunction. Under normal circumstances, the maternal amniotic fluid is broken, the lamb will be born within 30 minutes. More than 30 minutes of lambs are not born or have obvious production difficulties, and the breeders should prepare artificial midwifery. Today, Xiaobian is given to everyone, the method of artificial midwifery about the ewec!
1, normal production of the ewes do not need to help
Many ewes clearly can produce However, some breeders always like a “help”, and the lambs are pulled out from the ewes. This kind of practice is not advisable. The first, no production squeezes are not conducive to the lambs to discharge in the body, followed by unnecessary damage to the ewec production path.
Give lamb cleansing the mouth nose mucus
2, the basic method of the ewec hit product
The lamb is too large or the ovary of the octaves: Irrigation to the eater’s maneuveral road, then the wafer or warm soap water, then Be careful to reach into the ewec road, forcibly pull out the lamb, pulling when pulling with the else. In the case where you can’t pull it, you can decompose the lamb using a dedicated cut-up to the protective sheep.
The fetal position is not puzzled: allowing the ewec to keep the low and high posture, push the lamb to the uterus to adjust, adjust it, then pull out or let the ewes produce themselves.
The unusual production caused by the ewec: excludes the excessive factors such as excessive or fetal positions, and is simply caused by the murderer in the abundance of the elution. The elimination of the elimination of the elutabate in the retreat to irritate the contraction of the uterus. More than 30 spectacles are still born, can give oliginal injection of the leaf injection of 2 to 3 ml or the wheat angle injection of 1 to 2 ml, or take fresh wheat powder 1 to 5 mg.
Beep sheep technology sharing: Mother and sheep production method!
artificial breastfeeding
3, lamb care
After the lamb is born, it should be cleaned up in time to intiminate intucained, let it breathe normally . It is very easy to plant mucus such as amniotic fluid into the deep or lungs of amniotic fluid, which can cause the lamb to be slightly discharged. Then let the ewes dried or artificially wiped the lamb mucus to avoid the loss of lambs.
The lamb should also eat raw milk as soon as possible to obtain a maternal antibody. Since the physical fitness of the lamb is generally weaker, there is no self-breastfeeding ability, it should be used to make it easy to eat.
Beeping technology sharing:Method of ewes is difficult to produce people!
One child 4 cute lamb
4, Mother and sheep care
Motherwool after milk, bran 250 grams, plus water 2000 ~ 3000 milliliters Cold to 40 ~ 45 ° C to the ewec to drink, can restore the physical strength of the ewec, supplement sufficient and conditioning the intestines. At the same time, 7 days before production, it also applied 50 grams of water to the ewec to promote the discharge of the loch and the uterus recovery.
For the ewes of artificial midwife, it should strengthen postpartum anti-inflammatory. It can be injected with Houttuynia injection 10 to 20 ml, penicillin 320 ~ 4 million units, Ensham 0.25 grams mixed with intramuscular injection, once a day, for 3 days. (518 raised sheep network)

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