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The movable roof fan “Feng gift”

The pasture is a place where cattle sheep gathers, when naturally formed wind, don’t disperse the complex smell, do you have considered the use of no powered roof hampers, use Nature’s wind, to dispense complex odor in the pasture, give your pasture a harmonious, clean and refreshing environment, let the cattle, and the flock free breath.
Beijing China Agricultural Base Industry No power roof fan is to use natural air convection principles, flowing in any parallel direction, accelerate and transforming into a lower-vertically air flow to improve the indoor ventilation. It does not use electricity, no noise, long-term operation, exclude thermal gas, moisture and embarrassment in the room. It has already been very popular in developed countries. It has been a few decades. In China, with the large number of steel structures, the natural ventilator is installed, it has also increased. I. Product performance characteristics (1), turbine blade design is high, only a small amount of wind is sustainable, and electricity is not required at all. (2) High sensitivity, only the breeble or indoor, the difference in external temperature can easily drive the turbine blade rotation. (3) Connecting quiet, improving the working environment in the factory and improving work efficiency. (4), you can give you a fresh air convection, exclude hot gas, exhaust gas or harmful gases. (5), adopting the full sealed advanced bearing, no lubrication, rugged.
Second, Product advantages 1, there are many modern livestock farms that use no powerful roof ham, energy saving, environmental protection, no noise, will make your pasture quiet and harmonious, clean and tidy, a comfortable environment for boys. 2, many industrial plants, especially color steel plate buildings, poor heat dissipation, abnormal heat in summer, causing low work efficiency, product quality decline. Such as installed natural ventilators, can effectively improve the quality of indoor air, provide a comfortable working environment, and improve work efficiency. Third, the application range 1 generate air convection and exhaust gas. 2 Reduce indoor temperature and increase the fresh air in the room. 3 Reduce air conditioning load and increase the cooling effect. 4 Take the roof moisture, mold, steam, keep the roof dry. Tel: 17301057166 (WeChat is the same number)
National: 400-606-1268 QQ: 2674835407
Address: No. 1, Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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