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Misunderstanding 1: Put the dog in the co-pilot position
Some people like to save the province, directly put the dog directly from the driver next to the driver, so I can see the dog while driving. In fact, this is not scientific. First of all, regardless of the size of the dog body, people cannot protect it very well, and most of the driving trips will go to the suburbs, the road is fast, and it is easy to hurt the dog when they are braking. In addition, if the dog is not honest, it will also affect the driver driving, it is easy to happen.

Correct practice: small dogs are placed in the air box, placed on the rear seat; large dogs are placed directly on the rear seats, pay attention to the control speed when driving, try to avoid scrapes.
Misunderstanding 2: Ren dog mad run

The dog will be very excited. At this time, many owners will run off the dog four. The physical fitness of the city’s pet dog has been much degraded than their similarity, often with dogs in the suburbs to the animal hospital first aid.

Correct practice: The owner should use the traction to control the dog, so that it is familiar with the environment, choose a flat place to give the dog movement.

Misunderstanding 3: Let the dog swimming

The weather is hot, and it is a thing of the dog to love. In fact, there are many hidden dangers that threaten the safety of dog safety. The dog’s traction belt may hit the river or dead branches, and the dog may also happen because of the misunderstand.

Correct practice: When the river is first holding the dog, if the river in the bottom of the pebble river can generally let the dog go down, but must unlock the dog’s traction belt. Also, the contaminated river must not let the dog swim.

Misunderstanding 4: Put the dog in the car

Some owners prepare for meals after playing, and the restaurant is not allowed to enter, the owner will take the dog in the car. In fact, the car is not a safe, under the sun, the temperature in the car will rise sharply, so the environment may only have a dog’s life half an hour.

Correct practice: self-discipline, and dogs enjoy the outreach lunch under the tree, the car is best stopped in a cool place to avoid exposure.


Toilet: Keep a clean environment, take away the pet’s excrement.

Mid-Pharmacy & Plastic bags: Many dogs have a halo, and a car is moving, spitting dizzy. This is not only a dog uncomfortable, but the owner is not playing. For dogs with motion sickness, you can give it a little halo medicine before departure. The plastic bag is also a must-have thing, so that the car is blurred when the dog is dilute.

Sufficient dog food, usually love snacks and water: We often feel thirst in travel, the summer trip is the same, the dog is the same, so you have to drink the dog. The dog food is also necessary, the outside food is not necessarily suitable for dogs, or the dog’s food is most safe to give the dog.

Traction Belt: This is a must-have, the field environment is strange, and the first place where the unfamiliar must have to give the dog to the dog, and the dog is running.
Towels & Gauze: Dogs in the city feel fresh and stimulated in everything in the wild, especially in the hot summer, is close to the clear river. The dog is wet after the water, and it is necessary to dry with a towel to prevent disease. Gauze can play an emergency hemostasis, and it is necessary for dogs that accidentally occur.
Camera & Combs: With dog travel, whether it is to people or a dog, it will be a good experience. Take a camera, record the moment of happy and happy, and make a memorial. Don’t forget to bring a comb while you can give your dog beauty before you take the phase. Trial
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