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The United States has a reproductive farm of nearly 200,000-break pigs in the United States, and its production process is roughly divided into preparation before weaning. , Breeding, childbirth, breastfeeding, weaning, etc., each stage concise production process is as follows.

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1. Preparation before weaning

Under normal circumstances, in the previous day of the piglet weaning, the breeding field will give the sow to the sow. Diseases, including common diseases such as pig flu, pig Danzhu, pig fragrant virus disease. After the piglet is weaned, the sow will transfer from the breeding column to the positioning column of the breeding area, and a small sow (8-10%) of sow (8-10%) degraded in a small portion of the sick or fertility. On the 3-10 days after arriving in the reproductive area, there will be a sow estrus, and the general estrus lasts for 3 to 4 days. In addition, there will be new reserve mother pigs to supplement into the market, and after the isolation of 40 to 50 days, waiting for the pig’s natural estrus. Before breeding, the technicians will use the boar’s estrus every day, and choose the best time to conduct artificial insemination. The farm will drive the boar to the sow, and the estrus sow will show a unique symptom of vertical ear, trembling, and high temperature rise. The following figure is the standard estrus identification.

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At the estrus, a deep insemination is performed every day, each lostApproximately 35 ml of semen. At most continuous insemination for 2 days, if there is still a symptom of estrus on the third day, the first 2 times have not populated, and it is necessary to re-enhance. After the completion of the insemination of the insemination, the use of the boar for estrus, only a very small number of sows (

breeding sow, after 30-35 days, 1 time B Inspection to confirm that the mother pig is pregnant. If B is interviewed, it is also known as an empty sow, repeating the aforementioned steps. The pig field of 8000 heads generally guarantees the number of varieties per week reaching 380 (93%) If the number of pork can be added to the binding mother and pigs, it is necessary to replenish the mother pig.

The sow is generally 114 days, and the very few will be in advance to 110 days or postponed to 120 days. At No. 30 ~ 114 days, if the sow is not sick, not abortion, then only need to ensure sufficient feed and drinking water supply and suitable living environment.

3, childbirth

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In 5 to 9 days before the expected date of birth, the sow to be produced from the reproductive area to transfer to the professional cleaning, enough clean and disinfected production room. There are 48 production rooms in the pig farm, each During the 44 bed. After the originating sow is transferred to the catenary, there will be a file that records all the birth and nature of the nature. From the previous 3 days before the expected date of birth, the midwifery staff 24 hours a day every half a half Hourly View 1 time until delivery is completed. If the sow that starts childbirth is more than half an hour that does not continue to give birth, it is necessary to use the midwifery to check the way. If there is a pig in the birthplace, it must be artificially pulled out, assistant childbirth, in order The birth rate has dropped to the lowest. The newborn pigs need to dry all the body with a towel according to the regulations, and dry powder is dried. If the sow is the start of the sow, there is no pig, and the placenta has produced and the maneuct is clean, then the birth End.

4, lactation

After the piglet was born, after drying, the dishtt, cut, right ear seat, injection of iron. In the third ~ 5 days, injectionEnno Shaxing, bubble vitamin supplements (mainly vitamin D and vitamin E), where boar needs to be castrated. From the 6th day, if the piglets and sows have no disease, they simply guarantee the supply of food and water until weaning. At 3 to 5 days before weaning, if the mother pig milk is insufficient or suffering from a disease, it will provide a parsley to the piglet. 5, weaning

After 18 ~ 25 days of piglets, most piglet weights increased to 9 pounds (1 pound of about 0.45 kg). A small part reaches 5 pounds but light than 9 pounds of pigs will be sold at a low price or feeding themselves by the farmer. And all weights do not reach 5 pounds or have diseases, defective piglets, will be all eliminated, put into harmless treatment equipment. All piglets from weaned, basically no more than 24 hours, during which, the piglets all concentrated to the exit to ensure the adequate supply of the teaching trough, while maintaining ambient temperature at 90F (32.2 ° C).

The production system of the field is very perfect, and the utilization of pig houses is very high. The number of sows that need to be artificially insembled once a week is calculated according to the number of circle houses that can be vacant during their childbirth, which ensures that every batch of sows have sufficient circles in childbirth, and will not There is a long time for a long time and there is no delivery of the child. Thus, the stable shipments of 3,000 ~ 4,000 heads and piglets per week have ensured sustained supplies.


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Data of the University of Illinois, 2017 North America Total 734,000 sows, exquisite 15 million 1 million fat pigs. (Unsure the number of bakes and mother pigs)

The pig breeding industry in North America has formed a very complete business system, production system and management system, and each link is closely. Taking into account the impact of market behavior on farms, improved risk response measures, can guarantee the sustainable and healthy development of the aquaculture industry.

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