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(1) High-range cost, affected by the international market, food, feed, energy prices rose, feeding, and in the same price, the profit margin of the chicken industry is compressed, and the risk and difficulty of operations are added.
(2) The “bird flu” broke out in the past few years, the entire chicken industry has entered the winter, and everyone “talks about chicken”, and the chicken industry is quite serious.

(3) Wosewear is polluted, and the chicken industry will produce a large amount of waste. If it is not strictly treated in harmless environmental protection, it will affect the peripheral air, water source, increase the risk of infectious bacteria. Some companies have relevant awareness, handling technology is not cleared or harmless to reduce costs, which will have an environmental impact.

The lack of standard requirements, my country’s chicken industry lacks unified standards, each is the lack of quality standards, feed, drugs and seedlings, production methods, disease treatment, drug treatment, waste treatment, etc. Unified standards, residue detection does not have mandatory promotion, which will affect the development of the whole chicken industry and the overall quality of chicken products, which in turn affects the entire chicken industry. Veterinary drugs join

The market fluctuations, the domestic chicken market fluctuates large, has not yet formed a perfect market system, local nursing households are all politics, self-produced, especially in the grassroots, existentively small scale Rough-operated chicken farm, there is no shortage of farmers, and the industrialization is not high. Because the threshold of the chicken industry is not high, the investment cost is small, it is easy to have a good quotation, the situation is poor, and the market has fluctuated, and the anti-risk resistance is not strong. It is easy to form blindness. Disorder competition.

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