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Recently, due to the excessive production order of the company, it also requires the staff of the installation department to install the equipment to other customers in the local site, and the time is rushing until yesterday can take time delivery from the busy schedule. This time is a Hangzhou customer, which is transformed from other industries to the circulating water farming industry. At first, customers have nothing to know about the industry, slowly understand the circulating water farming industry through their own learning, and find Guangzhou China Airlines on the Internet. Subsequently, it will contact Guangzhou China Airlines technicians. After multi-communication communication, the customer finally reached an agreement with us, order two sets of EN RAS300 circulating water breeding systems at once. We also talk to our customers: “In fact, few customers will order two sets of systems in the first transition, and many of them are first ordering a system in the future, and new systems.” “The transformation is for profit, and profit It takes a large-scale breeding, so I will choose two systems “customers to add,” he also saw our system in Hangzhou, found that the system was durable, basically no fault, and the environmental protection effect is more prominent, plus our company The after-sales service is perfect, so he is also a more trustworthy product. “Yesterday at noon, the two big trucks stopped at the workshop on time, the delivery department also made a lot of loading, the two system fish ponds reached 32, and included 4 reservoirs, drum microfilters, floating bobbin filters, degassing bactericidal processors, residual ozone removal, solubol, oxygen generator, ozone-integrated machine, two, circulating water pump, fan Four sets, and two sets of system supporting pipe fittings. There are many equipment in the installation, but everyone does not have a complaint, no one is bitter, no one retreats. At a critical moment, everyone’s strong sense of responsibility has made strong power, exhausted and hard work did not reduce the enthusiasm of everyone, and always maintain a warm work attitude. It took only 3 hours to load, and the truck gradually took off Guangzhou China Airlines The factory, the delivery department also returned to its work on his work.
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