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First, necrotic enteritis
is characterized by lacy tomato, peppermat, chickens, scream, crazy run, etc. Second, the heat of the heat is easy to occur during the heat, and the chicken is added to the water, the sickness, the parenchyma, and the spirit of the plow. Prevention and treatment of heat stress, reduce heat stroke chance. Third, the egg chicken egg production is related to syndrome and thermal stress, resulting in hypoxia, calcium loss, low egg decline, egg deformity, death, etc. It is necessary to strengthen management, open the lights in the evening, ensure fresh water, and strengthen ventilation. Fourth, the summer feed is easy to become mold in summer, and the feed is often caused by yellow mastinosis. Disease chicken waste food, dysentery, pale or jaundice, productivity decreased, exhausted death. Therefore, it is not possible to feed the mold, and do a good feed storage, pay attention to moisture, ventilation, anti-mouse, etc., poisoning, and immediately replace the feed. V. Coccidi chicken pheasant disease, the bulls of the chicken infection, especially the chicks of 10 days ~ 50 days, poor feeding management conditions and weather in the weather, the water is lacking vitamin A and vitamin K and Japan Improper grain cooperation is an induced factor that causes epidemic prevalence. The prevention and treatment of coccidia, requires special drugs [New Shepherd Jewelry]. Sixth, chicken church is mostly wet, and the hot weather conditions are the most popular under climatic conditions. The sick chickens are depressed, and the feathers are muted, the chicken is dark red, the breathing is difficult, the body temperature is as high as 43 ° C ~ 44 ° C, the gray yellow or green feces are discharged. Seven, the beginning of the new year of the chicken, the spirit of the new year, the feather is loose, the chicken is dark red or purple black, sending “咕” called the sound, the mouth, the feces, the feces (sometimes blood) stink, the death of this disease High rate. To integrate prevention, strengthen feeding management, improve the disease resistance of chicken and the response to immunity. Strictly isolate disinfection, cut off the pathway. It is a very good way to prevent vaccination. Eight, the high temperature season of chicken coli diseases, due to environmental, feed, drinking water sanitation, broiler is easy to out of this disease. The performance is spiritual, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, yellow green or yellowish feces, sporadic death. The most typical lesions are hepatic diseases, pericarditis, ascites and peritonitis. In addition to ensuring environmental hygiene, it is necessary to prevent pollution of feed and water source, improve body immunity, reduce climate mutation, and the like stress factors. Nine, chicken infectious rhinitis showed nasal fluid, difficulty breathing, face fevet, lay egg decline, and sporadic death after the disease. It is necessary to use medication during treatment, and 2 to 3 courses can be used. If you have questions, you can help you with Baidu poultry doctors.Plus WeChat / Tel: 17768276005, jointly learn to grow together.

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