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The general rabbit should know that the female rabbit is a null, in order to minimize the empty freight period of the female rabbit, after the fierce branches, the female rabbit should check if the female rabbit has been pregnant here, give you a few inspections. Multi-pregnant methods of female rabbits, try to make everyone accurate determination of whether the female rabbits are pregnant and improve the reproductive rate of the female rabbit.

First, first introduce a way to check the female rabbit with the male rabbit. After 4 days of the fare, the female rabbit was placed in the cage of the rabbit in the cage of the male rabbit. This approach is relatively simple, but it is not very accurate to judge, you can continue to confirm with other ways.
Second, a way to use strokes. At 4 or 5 days after the rabbit breed, if the feeding personnel approached the rabbit, or when the rabbits were touched, he heard the sound of the rabbit, or against the touch, it was the state of pregnancy. This is observed in combination with the usual performance of the fare. QQ: 2627108897

Third, carefully observe the situation of mother rabbits. At 6-7 days after the rabbit breeding, the grass racks in the cage, the mage rabbed grass raw grass on the cage is placed in one place, but it is pregnant, but it is to distinguish between fake pregnancy.
Four, the female rabbit is a plague. After 7 days after the fare breeding, the gestational mother rabbit has the instinct of the nest, and the gestational rabbit is shown in the intermittent renewal to the cage bottom plate, and the pirate position is made. This method is more accurate.
Five, whether the feeding water consumption of the female rabbit is increased. Upward in 9 days after the mating of the rabbit, the amount of food is increased daily, and gradually increases appetite and water with the fetus growth, increases the amount of food and drinking water.
Sixth, it can observe the gloss of rabbit hair. Upper pregnancy 10 days, the gloss of hair increased, and more than 15 days ago, more than 20 days, the hair was bright, and the roots were caught, the breast has milk. This method is highly detected, but it should be determined early in the early days to facilitate additional breeding. Consult QQ: 2627108897

VII, you can check the genus of the rabbit. The breeding 7 days, check the mother-rabbit, if the cherry is slightly red, for pregnancy; if estrus is not pregnancy. This method should be combined with the rabbit, the reaction of the rabbed lace plate.
Eight, female rabbits physical examination, see if we have increased. Father rabbits in 20 days of pregnancy, due to the growth of fetus, the post-abdomen of the rabbit increased significantly, and the weight also felt significantly.

The last is the most accurate touch of tires, but this need to have certain experience and technology, novice don’t blindly, so as not to hurt the female rabbit. These methods are you can noticed carefully. It is enough to determine if the female rabbit is pregnant. QQ: 2627108897

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催 散 (Emotionally Pregnant) [Chinese Medicine]

Effectively regulates the endocrine system of the rabbit group, promotes the estrus of the rabbit, and improve the quality of the milk.

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