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518 Farming Information Network News: Whether the white wine is still a beer, it contains a certain amount of alcohol, which is conducive to the cow’s peace of mind and ruminant, and promotes the positive effect of the cattle growth rate. Giving the bull’s feeding, about 20-30 days, will find that the cow’s fur is more shining, eat food is no longer picking up.
After the slaughter, the cows who fed wine were better than those that did not feed, the fiber, the color, the toughness, and the net rate increased after the cattle slaughtered under normal feeding conditions. About 3% -5%. According to one out of the bar, the weight is sold at 600-700 kilograms. Each cow has an additional 300-600 yuan, and its economic benefits are considerable.
It is worth mentioning:
There may be some unwilling to feed the white wine. If you have a 3-5 days, you are used to the taste of the wine, It is the main point of wine, and the proportion of straw is auxiliary. In the past few days, I didn’t have a good time in the past few days, and I could have a good thing to eat, which may be related to the natural and fragrance of the beer. In addition, the advantage of alcoholiness is not light, it is a goose, duck, pig, and sheep’s food. (518 farming technology network)

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