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The cattle has a foot-and-mouth disease. After the infusion, the foot-and-mouth disease, Xu
more farmers find veterinary needle infusion, so that this can be better and fast, the result is in the process of catching cattle or in the process of injection, the cattle suddenly died, Many drug fees and treatment fees, cattle are dead. If the cattle is not treated after the foot-and-mouth disease, can it be self-healing?
First, after the foot and mouth disease, what will suddenly die?
1, after the scare, suddenly died.
2, after the vigorous exercise, suddenly died.
3, during the process of injection infusion, suddenly died.
Two, how big is the cattle who is easy to die?
Yak in 1 or 5 months.
2, fattening cattle in the later fattening.
Third, why suddenly died?
After the foot-and-mouth disease, the physique decreased and secondary myocarditis. The real cause of myocarditis is that the amount of selenium is lacking in the feed of selenium in the feed of cow, which has been unhealthy caused by the congenital myocardium. It has buried the root in the 5 months after the birth of the cow.
The real reason for the selenium in the feed is a trace element such as selenium in the northern part of my country.
Four, what should I do if the cattle in the foot-and-mouth disease?
1. Place the cattle in a quiet environment.
2, supplement the high nutrition, increase physical strength.
3. Simple foreign commits drug disinfection.
V. How to prevent
During the pregnancy of cow, during the growth of the yak, it is necessary to feed the rich full-price feed and pasture, the source of this feed, must be scientifically through the local soil nutrients. Formulate.
At present, the Inner Mongolia Kerqin Cow and Sheep Industry Technology Association, in vigorously promoting the soil of cattle and sheep, and the soil of soil has gradually implemented the feedstock of farmers. Through 5 years of test, Bull, rarely have a phenomenon of foot-and-mouth disease

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