No medication, vinegar fumigation therapy to treat chicken respiratory tract

Everyone knows that in the veteran of the virus, people will use vinegar to make a small fire slowly put into the fire to prevent colds. So what are the benefits of vinegar in the chickens? How to use a vinegar fumigation method to treat chicken’s respiratory tract?

In the winter, the chicken households in order to heat preservation, often close the doors and windows to increase the temperature. Although this approach can be insulated, it also affects the harmful gas of the chicken house, causing harmful gas such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, causing usually to have more birth, serious harmful to the health!

1. “Vinegar” has sterilized effect

The acidic substance can alter the permeability of some pathogenic microbial cell membranes in vinegar, in order to destroy its cell metabolism, When a certain concentration is, it can be bactericidated!

2, “Vinegar” The role of purifying air

According to the acetic acid energy and ammonia, the ammonium acetate is formed, which greatly reduces the concentration of ammonia gas in the house. The stimulation of ammonia to chickens is a non-pollution-free disinfection method!
If the vinegar has so much benefits, then how to use vinegar to fumigate therapy to treat the hen’s respiratory tract? Let’s take a look at the specific steps:

1. Determine “eat vinegar”, according to 20 ml of vinegar per square meter, and give equal amount of water!

2, pour the vinegar of good water into the pot (distributed to be uniform, put more pot more) and close the chicken door window, use the smoke-free coal furnace to boil, continue fumigation, no cover Gaze its freedom to volatilize until the vinegar evaporates.

3, the disinfection time should be carried out during the day, the temperature is higher! (Fumigation every 7-10 days) Practice has proved that vinegar fumigation can greatly reduce respiratory disease, flu, new city disease, E. coli, etc. in winter!

4, the chicken teeth lectured by individual fumigation, can be injected or feeding according to the situation.

So, the vinegar fumigation therapy also significantly reduces the concentration of ammonia gas in the treatment of chicken respiratory to achieve the purpose of treating chicken respiratory pathways.

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