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Give the pig only, the injection of vaccine is one of the daily work of the pig farm staff, then many of the scholars are the simplest problem, which is the need for the need for use with the pig?

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Or upgrade version of the syringe, continuous syringe?

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But now there is a more flagship version “No needle injection” is open, and there is also a related device.

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Biosafety: It can reduce the risk of transmitting disease through needle

Efficientness: The transdermal administration causes the antigen to expose a highly immunogenic cell in the skin.
Food Safety: Meat is safe, because there is no need for needle residual problem

Efficient: Carcass yield increases significantly due to damage caused by needle injection

Speed: Reduce labor costs

Employee safety: memberWork due to the possibility of damage to the needle and repetitive action

Environmentally friendly: Medical waste treatment cost reduction

Accuracy: The dose of automatic injection settings is reduced.

There are various doses, which can be injected with 0.1 mL, which can be injected with 50 ml, which can be powered by CO2, nitrogen or compressed gas, and 3 operations per second.

It seems to be a bit empty, directly to order the goods, first point the picture nourish the eye


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Large Waist

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Source: Wenshi Hua Agricultural Pig Training Camp

Transfer from: Pig Farm Power Network

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