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No anti-farming is abbreviated as an anti-amgeitoxin culture, refers to the use of any kind of antibiotics during breeding, and it is not necessary to use antibiotics and animal bird antibiotics. Adding antibiotics in feed can significantly increase the daily weight of broiler. Antibiotics plays an important role in animal disease prevention, improves feed utilization, and promotes livestock growth, and is because of the fact that the aquaculture industry is relatively dependent on antibiotic applications, super-limits, super varieties of abuse of antibiotics, resulting in farming products The antibiotic indicators are high, seriously threatened food safety. The abuse of antibiotics in the aquaculture industry has increased the difficulty of the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, more direct or indirectly endangered with human health. In recent years, all countries in the world have realized the flooding of antibiotics, using various measures to stop using antibiotics, and the eggs produced in the United States have been almost irresistially. However, in an inactivated road, various problems will also be encountered, and suddenly stop using antibiotics can cause animal diseases to rise, decline in farming, and will be affected by the environmental conditions, density conditions, epidemic prevention conditions, etc. Suddenly stopped will cause a certain loss, so we should take corresponding measures to reduce losses. 1, the management of the raising environment, preventing the pollution of fungal, pathogen, etc., should have appropriate light; ensure the cleanness of the air, reduce the pollution of ammonia and dust, strengthen ventilation; there is enough activities to the chicken The area reduces the occurrence of various stress. 2, to ensure the hygiene of the chicken, reduce the intestinal inflammation of other bacterial or pathogens, and should also be cleaned regularly for water pipes, water dispenser, etc. 3 To ensure the stability and comprehensive of the nutrients of the flock. 4, adopt some irresistible treatment, for example, atomization disinfection, disinfection of toxic agents or pneumatizing agents, using pure natural therapy, etc., for diseases with high morbidity, conscientious monitoring. 6. According to the monitoring of the epidemic monitoring, take care of the vaccine epidemic prevention. 7. Regular training for employees, learn from professional farming technology. 8. The most important point, under the current non-anti-farming, no antibiotics, can not have drug disabilities, the treatment of poultry ball insect disease is a problem. In the summer, in the summer, coccidia is frequent, and the intestinal trails are diarrhea, red manure, and yellowure. So, how to quickly solve the people’s ball insects under green without resistance? In the face of the current farming status, Longchang moved from Australia to kill coccidi special effects Eucalyptus essential oil — Le Chang, significantly reduce the number of coccidial oocysts in small intestines and creatures, and reduce the incidence of parasite infection. It can be directly acting on the cell membrane, destroying the integrity of the cell membrane, making the permeability of the cell membrane vary, thereby hindering the absorption path of the nutrients on the membrane, so that the nutrients in the film are largely ooze, coccidial parasites are not nutritious Death. In addition, eucalyptus essential oil is natural eucalyptus extract, rich in multiple composite components, can quickly sterilize inflammation, effectively solve enteritis, bacterial infection, maintenance of poultry integrity, use 3 to 5 days, can be obvious Improved and even solving red manure, feces and feces caused by intestinal problems! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source. Thank you
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