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Our old ancestors have a famous saying that it is not quiet, and this sentence does not achieve a far more goal. Used to the pig industry, there is no relatively quiet, peaceful environment, then your pig will not raise. Because noise is very serious for pig damage.
In order to avoid noise affecting its own pig farm, we should fully consider the local environment when siting. For example, on the side of the road, next to the factory, the land of those places is white to you, you can’t build a pig farm in that. In addition, the layout in the pig farm is preferably a moving partition, especially the sow house must be away from the work between the feed.
Noise refers to a sound that causes unpleasant and uneasiness or causing harmful effects.
The strength of the noise is generally expressed in a sound pressure level, and the unit is decibel (DB).
With the increasing expansion of modern pig production and the improvement of the mechanization of production, the harm of noise is also more serious.
There are a variety of sources of noise in the pig house
First, from the outside world, such as noise, aircraft, noise generated by the outside factory;
Second, the machine is produced, such as a fan , Clearing machinery, etc .;
Third, human operation and pig itself, such as people cleaning the circle, add water, etc., pig feed, drink, walk, tempura.
The pig encountered a sudden noise was shocked, rushed, accidental injury, fell or changing certain equipment. The pig’s repetition noise can be adapted faster. Therefore, noise has no significant effect on the appetite, weight loss and feed conversion rate of pigs, but sudden high-strength noise increases the mortality rate of pigs, and the sow is fell, abortion, Advantage of premature birth. Pig house noise can not exceed 85 ~ 90dB, noise has a certain impact on pigs, and the breeding management workers have a long time to enter the pig house, and strong noise is extremely unfavorable, and it also seriously affects its efficiency.
The production of noise should be reduced as much as possible in all aspects of feeding management. When the field is selected, it should be considered whether there is a strong noise source in the outside world, and the noise is relatively small, and the greening is also effective measures to reduce the noise in the house.
So, for the pig, how much noise is the critical point they can withstand? According to the relevant data analysis, when noise exceeds 85 decibels, the impact on the pig is more obvious. If noise exceeds90 decibels, then pigs are very likely to have an abnormal phenomenon. Specifically, the following symptoms:
1. The effect of noise for sows is the most obvious, and excessive noise can lead to a decrease in the success rate of the sow, and is more dangerous for pregnant sows, it is possible It caused premature birth and even abortion in sows.
Second, although the spirit of pigs is not as fragile as chickens, they will be scared. But too much noise will cause pigs to be shocked. We all know that the weight of pigs is very big. If a frightened pig is running in the pig house, then it is very likely to cause chain reactions, crashing the equipment in the pig house. It is inevitable to cause damage to the pigs.
Third, too strong noise will result in a decline in the appetite of pigs, the growth rate is significantly slow, and the body’s resistance will also decline, and the disease is increased, which affects the farming benefits of the pig farm. Therefore, when we optimize the environment of the pig farm, we cannot pay attention to those aspects, such as hygiene, lighting, and more. Those invisible aspects, such as noise pollution, etc. Also need to pay special attention. With a quiet environment, pigs can eat well, you can make more money

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