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The windy weather is about to pick up, and when it is flying in the mosquito. The significance of mosquito flies this year is more complicated in previous years. Due to the complexity of the current non-propagation pathway, mosquitoes and flies have become a risky medium.

In other non-population, there was no more spread when the temperature was high, and a large part of them was due to the large amount of breasts. In addition, mosquitoes are the main media of pigs and the red cells, while flies are the main media of gastrointestinal diseases, which will cause serious potential threats to the pig farm. Xiaobian collects several kinds of pig farms to effectively eliminate flies, mosquitoes, share the following.

Method for eliminating flies

Eliminate fly usually spraying fly or killing drugs or forming in pig house . If you need to completely eradicate the flies, you should effectively control the growth and harm of flies from the breeding link.


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1, the use of cyclopropyl.

Ciplazine is a highly efficient low toxic parasitic preparation, which has special effects on killing the wings insect insect larvae. Used to control the reproduction of the larvae of the circle, kill the fly maggot in the septic tank. The previous method is to add 50-100 grams of cyclopionide per ton of feed, which can make the flies have been eliminated before the adult.

2, fermentation treatment of pig farm feces.

Pig field feces are collected to septic tanks or dedicated storage tube pits, which are regularly fermented with plastic cloth. Be careful must be strict.

3, do a good job in environmental sanitation in pig houses.

Environmental hygiene in the house is equally important, and must regularly check the pig house sprinkleAnd completely clean up in time, to a certain extent, can reduce the number of flies.

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1, the window screen on the window.

Can effectively block the entry of mosquitoes, pay attention to the air convection of pig houses. It is more practical if we can install mechanical ventilation facilities in the house.

2, a plurality of mosquito lamps are provided inside and outside the pig house.

attracting mosquitoes into and killing by drugs. Some pig farms have a mosquito repellent mosquito repellent (now there is a special animal husbandry mosquito coil) is also a practical way.

3, drug mosquito.

Place insecticidal drugs in places in mosquitoes produce, and is also an effective way to control mosquitoes. Place insecticides in the pig farm, such as drainage ditch, rainwater at the river. It can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in the pig house.

4, do a good job in environmental hygiene inside and outside the pig farm.

Remove the pig farm and peripheral dirt stacking places and weeds, which also reduces the effective ways of mosquitoes.

The control of mosquito flies in scale is a systematic engineering. Different methods can be used to combine different methods in the prevention and treatment of mosquito flies. At the same time, we will do a good job in environmental sanitation inside and outside the pig farm. Timely remove the accumulation in the ditch, strengthen ventilation gas, maintain dryness in the house, and solve the problem of spacing.

The method of destroying the flies above is the commonly used traditional approach. If you have a better way to mosquito, you are welcome to let go of your message. Xiaobian will be unified, let more pig friendsFriends saw it. Once adopted, there is a mysterious gift to your

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