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This article records a record record for Mr. Philippe Greau (Philip), famous pig expert Philippe Greau. Mr. Philip himself has served as France, Russian PIC person in charge. During Russia, it is mainly responsible for its customer design, construction, breeding and management of approximately 160,000 sow. Experience the occurrence of African swine fever, culling and duising. The following is a record record of Mr. Philip, the information is relatively fragmented, and the details of the ASF duct are only for reference and reference.

Conditions assumptions: The pig farm is infected with African swine fever, and the Qingfang is one month.
After such major epidemics, the greatest mistake is that there is no concentration of cleaning, disinfecting, drying, and missing a lot of details. If you want to make perfect non-drop cleaning, disinfection, there are several points to pay attention: it is best to use hot water above 65 ° C during cleaning; a large amount of raw lime (equipped with protective clothing, protective gloves, glasses, mask ); Liquid sodium hydroxide; disinfectant such as water, phenol, toluene, etc. (personal recommendations are useless, uniform, replaced by disinfection, no longer mention the name).
It must be understood that: cleaning, disinfection requires a lot of human investment, and there must be professional management, implement a strict working process.

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Objective: Duttering new infection risk inside and outside

1, check the outer fence of the pig farm, wall, drainage, feces Soldi line, etc., must be closed.
2, every person who enters and exits the pig farm must pass the checkpoint and take a shower and dress.
3, all enter and export vehicles must be cleaned and disinfect. The driver wash his hands and replaced clothes, shoes, washing hands with disinfectant, car foot pad, the foot pedal, must strictly washEliminate.
4, all of the work clothes should be cleaned in the field on the same day, and disinfectant is added to the washing machine.

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Specific Details B:

5, remove the outer wall of the pig farm 10 meters and grass. Bull off all grass, trees and all discarded brick tiles, floor mats, jars, cartons, feed bags, etc. All these things must be burned without exception. 6. It must spray the lime or stir (500 grams per square meter). 7, clean all internal damper pipes and external storage tanks. Be cautious about tactics, because non-virus is there.

8, buried the stains in the ground 5-10 cm deep, and then sprinkle the lime 200-250 g / square meters. (Zimei Lime For the environment, there is no pollution)

9, clean and disinfect all equipment. If the slit floor cannot be disassembled, the process should be removed. After using any device, you must scroll down.

10, empty all feed stocks, buried it underground, or used for feeding fish, poultry, and the shorter transportation distance.

11, depth cleaning silo, tower, after the first treatment with smoke fumigation products, and then remove parts to be removed from the disassemble, pipelines and other parts cleanup. 12. Apply the outer wall of the pig house, the channel is applied, and the weight is repeated once every week during disinfection.
13. Burning all the veterinary drugs that have not been used, health care out of packaging, then use ultraviolet light (254 nm wavelength, 1 m from the surface of the object), irradiate within an hour, to change the direction every hour Recourse.
14. All spare equipment, tools, etc. in the warehouse are soaked in the proportion of disinfectants, and then use ultraviolet lamps, each angle for an hour.
15. If there is a water curtain and a water storage, repair, cleaning, then use a concentration of 30% or 40% hydrogen peroxide 10% to 90% water disinfection 24hour.

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Specific Details C:

16, in the pig house, all removed equipment, such as: pig bar, lamp, bedding board, trolley, cabinet, The shelves, the doors and windows are removed from outdoor cleaning, and after disinfection, they are placed outdoors, (fully utilized outdoor UV).
17, cleaning all drain floors, septic tanks with hot water above 65 degrees, and check whether it is clean. (The inspectors can wipe all over the light and dry cloth, paper towels, etc., once the dirty place must be renewed). After the acceptance is passed, then disinfect it after being cleaned.
18. Wash all of all ventilation systems, all aspects of the outside, water curtains, controllers, sensors, etc., and disinfect, dry. Then, all roofs, columns, water pipes such as hot water and detergent (eg, a brand TEEPOL), and then wipe the pig bar with a steel spherant. Final disinfection, dry.
19, after drying, remove all small devices, doors, windows, baffles, drain plates, sprayed 300 g / square meters of raw lime on the ground, (can be sprayed with special powder spraying equipment) Uniformity), sprayed from 500 g / mm in the septic tank, and sprayed with sufficient water to heat it, for example, the liner of the plastic material, replace it into a boarkate.
20, use 10% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect all water lines, drinking fountains for 24 hours, then release water, and replace it.

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After the above operation is completed, the foam disinfectant is used to disinfect from the roof to the ground.

21, open the fan to the maximum power detection, anti-mouse, fly, and finally lock the door, anyone may not enter. The above work will be drawn one by one.

22. Clean and disinfect all major channels, anti-mouse, fly, and attach the seal, locked, and no one will enter.

23, a second fumigation treatment for the silo and tower, and finally locked. In all the above venues, the outdoor spraying lime, and finally set the warning sign, and people are not allowed to enter.

24. Remove the preserved tank again, if there is conditions, try to use hot water above 65 ° C. 25. Treatment of septic tanks, pipes, related equipment, channels, vehicles, or rinsing with steroids, the same work is treated once, and then use raw gray to survive storage area.
26, fly once a week; anti-mouse every 3-4 week.
27, the final bath is over the bathroom, office and living area, repeat operation twice. Harmlessly destroy all clothes and shoes, or cleaned clothes with high concentration disinfectant for one hour, closes the entire pig farm for a month, ideal for two months.

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Details DI:
28 Saliva detection.

29, as a sentinel pig, will be placed in different areas such as Huishe, and Painting House, respectively. 30, after a month, do blood testing for all pigs, ensure that all negative results, then repeated for one month, ensure that all negative results, then eliminate all pigs. 31, cleaning, disinfecting, drying, sterilizing, drying, and then strictly doing the safety of external biological safety in the production area.

32, external biosafety must be checked daily! Use the ultraviolet light to disinfect the entry materials, 1 meter from the surface of the object, irradiated by an hour; replace the different angles of the object.

33. The entry must be used in the production area of ​​at least 3 nights and 4 days, and the isolation period shall not be contacted with the producer.

34. If you enter the production area, you must strict bath. All personal items must not be brought into enter; in front of each house, strictly wash hands.

35, each person, material, vehicle, need to know its source (previous activity trajectory)
This type of biosafety system is not listed, audited, but it must be To be strict!
African Swine Fever, ASF), is an acute, highly generated porcine disease caused by high-purity virus, characterized by short-term problems, but mortality Up to 100%, the clinical manifestation is fever, skin hair, lymph nodes, kidney, gastrointestinal mucosa obvious bleeding.

On August 3, 2018, China has discovered three African swine fever epidemic in the area of ​​Shenyang, Henan Zhengzhou, Jiangsu, Lianyun, Liaoning. On November 23, Beijing Fangshan District examined African swine fever epidemic situation.

On December 20, 2018, African swine fever was elected as ten popular words in 2018.
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