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At present, with the improvement of science and technology, the level of agricultural mechanization has improved, some straws have changed from the original stacks to straw directly. But in the countryside, there will be a large number of straws and straws, and if it is not used, it is quite a waste and also a sludge environment. The fermentation of these straw straws can be fermented into cattle and sheep feed, which is also very simple to save, and it can be made. The specific method of operation is:
1, the spare material. Short straw or straw should be smashed or at least into a small or filament, in which feed raw materials for feeding cattle, horses, and donkeys should be cut into 1-2 cm, feeding sheep, deer should be broken into 1 cm. .
2, mixed. Dosage of straw feed fermentation agent: The ratio of 500 kg of straw 500 kg according to 1 kg straw starter. First, the fermented agent is poured into the warm water of 30-35 ° C (in the summer, the water can be used in water), and then stirred evenly with the above-mentioned straw material. The water content is controlled around 65%, and the judgment standard for appropriate or not: uses hand to grasp the material, and the fingers should be reflected in the water, and it is advisable. The ratio of straw and water is approximately 1: 1.5, add 10% to 20%, corn flour or bran, one fermentation effect, will be better.
3, do a pile. The above mixed straw or straw stack is heated at a height of 40-50 cm, a long-width and arbitrary material heap, plug in a thermometer, cover the insulation and moisturizing material to ferment it.
4, temperature control. In the summer, it is generally fermented for 6-8 hours, and the room temperature is 15 degrees or more in winter. When the room temperature is less than 15 ° C, it should be improved to increase the temperature to reach 15 ° C, such as the pile, and the underwater measures are fermented. Faster.
5, turn over. When the temperature reached 40 ° C, the remember could not exceed 45 ° C to prevent excess fermentation deterioration. The entire fermentation process is preferably 1-2 times. When the straw or straw gradually turn into yellow and accompanied by sprinkling, it shows that the fermentation is basically completed. At this time, the cover should be removed, and the dilute is thin. Fermentation is again warmed.

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