Norwegian forest cat hair care small common sense

u=1275408655,776217366&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Hair is also needed, even if it is a short-hairy cat, more numerous margin and long Norwegian forest cats, once it is not good, it will appear. The combing of hair is best to practice, and there is law. In the finish of the care hair, drip a few drops of fur protectants every few weeks, which help to remove grease, restore the color and gloss of cat fur.

The least weekly cards, and each time is performed at the same time. After combing, try to smoothing hair.

Prepare combing hair needs tools: antelope skin, Jin Shu comb, brush, rubber brush; adjust cat emotions, wait for him to relax again, if he has resistive emotions, it must not be reluctant.

Cardship method and step:

1 There is no black dots that are infected with flea. The black spot is the feces of the flea, take care carefully.

2, when combing, along the growth direction of the hair, with a brush brush including the whole body fur within the abdomen. When you brush, you should be light, so as not to get the cat.

  • 3 4, with a few drops of fur protectant every few weeks in the finish of nursing hair, which helps to remove grease, restore the color and gloss of cat fur.
  • 5, scrubbing the cat skin with antelope sheep, further removing the dirty surface. In addition, often touching and adhering to healthy diet will also make the hair.
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