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From the second half of 2018, raising pigs focus on “African Pig Fever” from the other side of the ocean, and ignoring other pigs may bring the danger of the pig farm. In fact, every year, when this is a big outbreak of the pig, the pig diarrhea and death, seriously impact our pig industry. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the epidemic mortality rate reached 36%, and this data included a farm without an outbreak of the epidemic.

For the mortality rate of the pig farm, the mortality rate of the farm, that is, if this farm has burst the epidemic, the pig is basically dead, and a few are not dead after a large dose of antibiotics. After treatment, it became a stiff pig, which became a breast rib.

Impressed to give up the new pig, try to treat a big pig, use the stop to make it empty. However, it is not good to become a stiff pig, which will lose more. A new piggy pig lost 300 ~ 400 yuan; there is less piglets, sows, workers, and venue operations.

How to treat piglet diarrhea? Firmly master this 4 steps is enough!

1, first, it should be noted that antibacterial anti-inflammatory

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory drug is easy to select high-sensitivity broad-spectrum antibiotics, such as norfloxacin, Enno Antibiotics such as sardin are more sensitive to E. coli and Salmonella. It is also important to note that try to alternate medication and avoid the production of drug resistant strains. If 1 case is found in a nest, it is necessary to give the whole group to give the whole nest, avoid the influence of infection.

2, secondly, it is necessary to pay attention to the supplementation fluid

Many times the diarrhea causes the death of piglets and severe dehydration, acidosis, and electrolyte disorders. close relationship. Therefore, when the pig is diarrhea, it should pay attention to the supplementary fluid. The recommended mode is oral replenishment salt, the ingredient is: glucose 20g1.5 g of potassium chloride, 2.5 g of soda, sodium chloride 3.5g mixed in 1000ml water, the free drinks of the pigs can be supplemented with moisture, relieve electrolyte, and maintain the effect of acid-base balance. Also add an appropriate amount of electrolytic multi-dimensional and vitamins can also improve the efficacy.

3, there is also a need to condition the pig stomach

In the treatment of pig diarrhea, improve the intestinal environment, conditioning the intestinal function Diarrhea also has a better effect. Specific measures are to clean up harmful flora and toxins in the intestine, with a variety of Chinese medicine groups, antibiotic drugs, more beneficial to maintain the environment in the intestine, and improve the treatment effect of piglet diarrhea.

4, the final need to note is the immunity of the enhancement of the body

Enhance the body’s body immunity Astragalus poly sugar drug. Astragalus polysaccharides are extracted refined Chinese medicine preparations, which can induce multiple cytokines and enhance the body’s immunity. Practice of clinical medication has found that the Astragalus polysaccharide has obvious immune regulatory functions, which can greatly improve the transformation rate of lymphocytes, enhance the body’s immune response capabilities, and enhance the phagocytic ability of phagocytic cells.

While treating piglet diarrhea, the prevention of piglet diarrhea is not ignored: supplementation, early exercise, and enhance the adaptability of feed, reduce stress; Inoculate epidemic and vaccines, enhance the disease resistance of pigs; improve daily feeding management, ensure environmental temperature, humidity, provide quality, sanitary feed and drinking water.

We are so hard to raise pigs, be sure to prevent more! Fein in March, raising pigs!

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