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Although the cow has a cold-resistant habit, because in early spring weather is still cold, the climate is dry, if the feeding management is not properly managed, the lack of green feeding, it is easy to lead to decline in milk production, and even affect the normal growth and development of cows. . The author believes that early spring, cows should stick to hexa measures:
1. Do a good job in cold. The temperature in the Nest is generally maintained at 8 ° C to 17 ° C, and the temperature is too high will also produce side effects on the cattle. When the temperature is low at night, the cow should be rushed through the night to the night, to prevent frozen nipples or expensive consumption. When cold air invasion, when the temperature suddenly drops, it should be blocked in time, and the windows and venting holes should be blocked, and the heat preservation of the circle. In particular, the cow, new yak, and high-educated cowhouse should be properly warmed, ensuring that the cattle temperature is around 15 ° C ~ 17 ° C. In addition, dairy is not more than 6 hours during the exercise in the exercise in the daytime, preferably 3 hours in the afternoon.
2. Adjust the humidity of the Nest. After the cows enter the circle of house, pay attention to ensuring that the wilderness is good, humidity cannot be too large, relative humidity should not exceed 55%. The humidity is too large, which will have a strong external stimulus of cows, affecting its production milk, and severe people will also infect some fungi diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to clear the manure in time, keep the coil cleaning
3. Feed should be diversified. Adjust the feed ratio in time and strive for diversification. In terms of the supply of fine feed, the protein feed is unchanged, and the supply of corn is increased by 20% to 50%, thereby increasing the proportion of energy feed; in terms of crude feed, it is best to feed green silament, dry storage or beer worse. This instead of the green juicy feed of summer and autumn cows, in addition to the additives, use ruminant high-active yeast feed additives, promotes dairy cows and digestion and absorption, improve the disease resistance of dairy cows and milk performance.
4. Drinking water must be warmed. Digestive tract disease is often caused by tap water and well water that has not been heated. Therefore, when drinking water on the dairy cow, it is preferable to heat the water to 15 ° C to 25 ° C.
5. The amount of supplements are added. In the early spring cows, the ingredients of the cows are relatively single, and the appropriate amount of calcium and phosphorus can be added in their feed, usually 5 to 15 grams per day. Urea is an effective measures for supplementation proteins, which can be fed. Generally, Yak, Yak, 30 ~ 50 grams above, 70 ~ 90 grams of youth cow, the adult cow is 150 grams. but,If the urea is poor, it can be fed after mixing with a mixture of 1%, and it is not advisable to drink water within half an hour. It can also feed the appropriate amount of yeast, replenish protein and amino acid, vitamin and trace elements.
6. Pay attention to brushing cattle. Brushing cow can not only keep the cows to clean, but also promote skin blood circulation and metabolism, which helps to regulate body temperature and enhance disease resistance. Therefore, we should brush twice a day, 3 to 6 minutes each time, you must wipe all parts of the whole body, you must not omissive. In addition, it is necessary to disinfect the Nest, and the vaccination is performed according to the epidemic prevention procedure, and the disease is early treatment, ensuring the health of the cow, and guarantees multiple milk.

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