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The main reason for fox empty
1) The physical condition is not good, the fox is in full fat, and the fox is not estrus or unless.
2) Nutrition is not comprehensive, for example, when vitamin E is lacking, the fox delay, infertility and empty rate increase. The lack of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 amino acids, and also cause reproductive disorders. 3) Emotional identification is not good, premature mating or strong match, some have passed, lost the chance of breeding.
4) There are excessive variation (5 times), which is easy to cause endometritis, unless or early abortion.
5) The quality of the boss is not good or dead sperm, making it invalid to breed. 6) Some infectious diseases, such as vaginal Garnia bacillia, brucellosis, and other diseases that can cause reproductive disorders, thereby appearing uterine inflammation, dead tires or abortion. 7) The environmental sanitation is not strict, causing mutual infection, especially in the later stage, and the infection rate is higher. 8) Various mechanical stimuli or frightening and other stress factors affect the festival or breeding caused abortion.
9) Artificial change natural light and temperature, some people affect foxes indoors or in the darkness of fox abnormal estrus.
10) Animal feed is stored for a long time, mildew deterioration, and improper planting of plant feed can make the fox of the fox, abortion, and dead tires.
11) Selective errors in pregnancy (such as sulfonamide drug)
12) After born late, the reproductive system has not yet developed.
13) After the childhood, the physical condition did not recover, causing the barrier of breeding system.
14) The overall product is not good, and the quality of the exhaustion equipment is not strict, the quality of the dilution is integrated.

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