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Rabbit disease is divided into diagnosis, parasitic diseases, and some common diseases, and the most serious causes are caused by pathogenesis and parasitic diseases, which are caused by pathogenic microstrictions (bacteria, viruses) and parasites. Once the disease is in the mother, it will bring great economic losses to the farmer, so we must do the following points.

1. Strengthening the management of rabbit houses should always maintain suitable temperature and humidity, sunshine, air circulation, winter insulation, summer ventilation, good feces and debris, rabbits can be placed 25-30 days later For fertilizer, this can kill the pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic eggs. Clear the heap of the surroundings around the rabbit, because the debris is a place to hide and reproduced, and the rat is the stored owner and carrier of many pathogenic microorganisms, and the communicator.
Second, the purpose of establishing disinfection system disinfection is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, parasitic eggs spread in an external environment, to cut off the transmission pathway to prevent disease from continuing to spread.
1. The disinfection system can be divided into preventive disinfection, emergency disinfection, and winter disinfection, preventive disinfection: combined with daily feeding management, regular disinfection of free house, rabbit cage, utensils; emergency disinfection: disease – once the owner, It is necessary to disinfection of rabbit houses, rabbit cages, sick bunny and pollution venues, and the end disinfection: disinfection after epidemic control, mainly thoroughly disinfected with pathogenic microorganisms that may remain in the field.
2. The disinfection method is generally the chemical disinfection method. This method is fast, which is more effective than the illuminating effect in the daylight. For example, 1% -3% percent, 4% sodium carbonate, 20% -30% grass, gray water, 10 % -20% lime milk, 0.04% -0.1% Botoison kill. Consult QQ: 2627108897
Commonly used physical disinfection method mainly has sun disinfection, and the sun is a natural disinfectant. The ultraviolet rays have strong bactericidal effects, and the burning exposure of the sun is caused by evaporation. Role, boiled disinfection is also a commonly used effective-species, which can be disinfected with vapor disinfection and high pressure cooker in 1-2 hours.
3. Early diagnosis, timely control of the epidemic rabbit farm, once infectious disease or suspression, you must immediately isolate observations, find the cause, timely treatment, and the rabbit farm is strictly disinfected.

4. Immunization is urgently immunized for emergency immunization of rabbits, epidemic regions, and rabbits that may have no morbidity in the epidemic, in addition to the vaccine, in addition to the application of vaccine, and immune serum is effective, but often due to serum dosage High price, short immunization, and use in a large number of exemptions often in short supply, so few extensive applications are produced. To note, it is to be noted that when using vaccination, it must be noted that the rabbits that appear normal but may have been infected, these disease rabbits are in vaccinated. Not only cannot be protected, but it may cause it to hazard faster, so in a few days after emergency vacation, the number of onset not is not reduced, but may have increased possible, – the number of onset after 7-8 days is significantly reduced, the disease The prevalence is controlled,

In addition, the preservation of the vaccine should be placed in a dark place, and it should also pay attention to the period and temperature at the time of use.
Third, the drug prevention is in the early days or in the early days of the epidemic season, and some safe and inexpensive drugs can be used to drink water, which can receive better results. The occurrence of Salmonella, E. coli can prevent the occurrence of Salmonella, and the sulfamethylpyrimidine can prevent bronchine sepophobia, Bacillus, cocci.
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