Nursing cat law from Japan

What is the love of the Japanese? It is a cultural image of Japan or a cultural image. The first reaction of many people is a cat; in Japan’s literature and film and television works, there are also many stories related to cats.

So how do you eat cats and you have to look at this “cat big country”! Japan’s cats have grown up with fish, and love Xiya as a Japanese cat food brand. It has been committed to the use of Japan’s unique aquatic advantages to provide high quality rations for cats, focusing, attaching attachment, helping cat health growing up.

Today, I loves to come into China, giving Chinese cats to love and care for the same sincerity, and the series is a special gift brought by love to Chinese cats.

The 喵 系 has been rated as [Comprehensive Nutrition] products by the Japanese Pet Justice Trading Agreement. As a staple food product, all the nutrients needed by the cat a day, you can’t need to add other food supplements, you can meet the nutrition and delicious of the cat every day. 12101.png It is especially worth mentioning that the peptide protein added in the 喵 series As the patented product of love, more detailed attention to the nutrient ingredients in the food for cat emotions. 12102.png First understand what is the peptide protein? It is a substance that the protein (0-20 degrees) (0-20 degrees) of the substance (0-20 degrees) generated in the amino acid decomposed process is more likely to be absorbed.

What is the effect of fish peptide? Want to take care of the cats, in addition to satisfying their body nutrition, cats and spiritual needs are also valued, of course, this is not limited to daily companionship.

Like the cat and human beings, they will have an uneasiness and tension. Once this uneasy emotions, a substance called “serum hydrogen peroxide” in the blood will increase. The addition of fish peptide proteins can reduce serum hydrogen peroxide growth rates to help cats better adjust their emotions in daily life; rely on daily diet, you can make your cats quickly return to normal when encountering unexpected conditions. status. 12103.png

“Our ideals are the mother of Chinese cats.”Going to the 喵 喵 列 包, 爱 喜雅 雅 中国.. 微 微 微 微 微 微………………….. 微 照 照.. 照 微 微 照 照. 照 照 照 照 照 照 照 照 微 照 照 照 照 微 照 微 微 照 照 照 照 照 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 微 照 微 微 微 照 微 照 微 微 微 照 照 照 微 微 微 照 微Choose Ai Ya, choose peace of mind and health.


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