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What are the feeds to the cattle? How to choose feed feed? How to match the feed of cow can speed up the growth of the beef cattle? This article will solve the most concerned questions from these cattle friends. It can be said that choosing a good feed, you can raise the cow, make money!

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[Feed by Bull]

Febrity features The nutrient is rich, the crude protein content is high, generally 12% to 25%, and the forage is good, easy to digest, but the volume is large, and there is more water content. In the green feed, the quality of the beans and the pace of the beans and the vegetable feed is good. Frequent green feeding feeding a cow with grass, corn leaf, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, wild blue grass, sugar cane, carrot, etc.

Silage Feed]

Silage is to put fresh green juicy feed, such as corn straw, sugar cane, sweet potato vine, peanut vine, grass, sweet potato, etc. Chopping, sealing is stored in silage, tower or tower, is made of lactic acid fermentation. It can maintain the nutritional value of the green feed, improve the right to raw materials, and adjust the balance supply of the green feed, which is a good feed for feeding the cattle.

Buffali kettlement]

Need to feed the fine feed.

The comprehensiveness of fine feed nutrition directly affects the growth and development of beef cattle. The fine feed includes energy feed (including corn, sorghum, barley, etc., about 60% -70% of the fine feed), protein feed (including bean cakes), cotton pie (), peanut cake, etc., about the food 20% -25%), mineral feed (including bone powder, salt, small soda, trace (constant) element, vitamin additive, generally 3% -5% of the fine feed volume), trace (constant) element and vitamin.

Energy feed and protein feed typical farmers can buy locally, but contain vitaminsMineral feed for trace elements, due to many types of species (generally dozens of dozens), mixed uniformity requirements require high, generally recommended meat bulls with professional feed brands, such as Chicchuan 5% meat cattle restriction pre- mixing Feed, you can consult 400-669-8210.

to promote growth feed additives]

In order to achieve faster fattening speed, accelerate the beef cattle, Chi Lichuan has developed two fertilizer feed for beef cattle and sheep. Additive products, including feed additive products for stomach, digestion, digestion – [Jianweizi Dissive] and feed additive products with strengthening cow and sheep tumor stomach, improve absorption conversion rate [胃 素];

The farmer can add the feed additive to the material supplement. It has proved by Chiangchuan experiments. Generally feeding the meat cattle added with Jianweizhi diet and lyophilicin, and the growth rate is 15%.

[Chilechuan – focus on doing a good cow and sheep! 】

Chilechuan uses the latest developed formula, select feed raw materials, with higher product quality and feeding, please consult: 400-669-8210, 17777-836-390. Feed, best

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