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First: Under grazing conditions, the calf has enough exercise, but it is necessary to prevent too much walking, and the physical strength is too large. It is generally grazing. Don’t go to the field, growing with age, can gradually increase walking miles; Far from grazing, you should set up a grazing camp. The amount of yak sports in the house is often insufficient. To set up a special yak sports field, the usual day will move from 1 to 3 hours, which can be different depending on the age and season. In the cool summer season, the sports field is going to work, and prevent sunlight directly exposing the cattle body.
Second: Turning into the squatting room for artificially breastfeeding. In-room conservation, the occupation cage is generally 1.2 meters long, 1 meter wide, 1 1 per cage, isolation feeding. If you have to ventilate, keep it clean and dry, often disinfected, and change your new mats every day. After breastfeeding, it should be cleaned after brushing. Follow the bonus of the cow, the meat is born with the yak, and the mother and child are single to protect the young.

At the same time, the feeding management of the cow is strengthened to ensure that the cow has enough milk yak. After 1 week, the cow should be suspended for 1 month, let the yak with their mother in the outdoor free activities, and there is a dedicated yak feed bar so that the calf will be opened early. Artificial breastfeeding yak, feeding appliance, tank, etc., with vapor, use a vapor, wash it clean.
Third: Every time I have finished breast, I have to dry the milk around the calm nose with a clean towel. Isolate and other yak for more than ten minutes, prevent each other, develop “supra. . “Late Gallery” is very harmful. Always make the yak causing orchitis sequence inflammation and umbilical ohritis, such as losing value or reduces its production performance. There is such a “obedience cancer”, the yak is easy to take eating the cattle, long time, forming a number of flat round hair balls in the nucleation stomach, these size of the hair balls, often block the esophagus or pylogenes.

Fourth: Every day, it is necessary to take care of the calf, pay attention to whether it is normal, and has an abnormal situation to diagnose treatment in time. If the young, there are too many breasts, and the casein in the cream is a hard block in the stomach. It may cause nutritious dysen, you can use 3 full milk plus 1 price water, the curd will be soft, it can be stopped Feeding 1 day, only feeding warm water to help digestive clots.

In addition, if the milk temperature changes, it is not cleaned, the feed change is too fast, suddenly cold is cold, etc., can cause the young, should pay attention to prevention, treatment as soon as possible, avoid moisturecool. Because the yak has the characteristics of lively and active, there should be sufficient exercise time to promote metabolism and enhance physical fitness every day to promote metabolism.
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