Nursing people, how to use Escherichia coli drug effect?

For friends who eat chicken, chickega disease is not strange, and some of the chicken friends talk about the color of E. coli, saying that E. coli is too difficult to control, and the batch is E. coli. In fact, it is also very important to control E. coli without light dependence. Let’s talk about how to use Escherichia coli.

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First, when the E. coli is treated, the drug is best in the morning. At this time, E. coli is not active, and the drug can make full play.

Second, the course of treatment of E. coli must be sufficient. Generally 4 days or so, some of the chicken friends are used to using Escherichia coli drugs, if the drug is premature, will cause the fat ashes to ignite, and the prehealth is complete. Escherichia coli will have a certain amount of medication.
Third, be sure to treat primary disease in time, only the treatment of E. coli can be fully effective. After E. coli, it is preferred to adjust the intestinal binders to balance the bacteria, and long-term use can reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs.

Fourth, poor feeding management. Such as the ventilation, too much ammonia, too much humidity, too low temperature, excessive density, nutritional imbalance, stress, poisoning, etc. will promote the occurrence of E. coli, so it is necessary to strengthen these aspects.

Fifth, E. coli is the conditional bacteria, in the air, the intestines are generally existed. Many Escherichia coli broke out is secondary infection. Therefore, when treating other diseases, there are medicines with E. coli to prevent secondary infections, so that E. coli is not easy.
Sixth, the drug of E. coli should not use one, to prevent and treat different ingredients. In this way, the drug sensitivity of E. coli can be more sensitive, and the effect is more obvious.

Li Chen suggested that the chicks opened with a hunted fermentation bacteria, so that the intestines were rapidly placed, promoting the intestinal absorption and improving the feed conversion rate, and reduced the occurrence of intestinal diseases and The use of antibacterial drugs. Improve the rescue of chickenImmunization with chicken, reduce the matrixal flavor of the chicken. Chicken often drinking bacteria, Escherichia coli disease is well controlled.

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