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518 raised sheep network, lamb meat is delicate, delicious, rich in nutrients, is winter tonic products. Winter edible lamb can receive a double function of tonic and cold. With people’s understanding of mutton, and the demand for mutton is getting bigger and large, the production and breeding of meat sheep is especially important, especially the breeding ability of the meat sheep directly affects the development of the beings industry. The following author is primarily talking about the lack of nutrients lacking the impact of sheep breeding obstacles.
Carbohydrates. It is the main component of animal rations. If the yol is in the estrus, if the energy level of the diet is high, ovulation can be increased, and there is no adverse effect on the survival of early embryos in pregnancy. However, if the ewe is overweight or consumes excessive energy, it will extend the spatial interval. In order to improve reproductive performance, higher energy should be supplied to postpartum ewec to avoid excessive weight loss, but the energy intake should be gradually increased, otherwise it will cause obesity.
Protein. The lack of protein can cause the eggs in the eating for eggs, and the empty stood is extended. The protein level is too high, and there is a negative impact on fertility. In addition, feeding high protein feeds increases the content of ammonia in the rumen, which will cause toxic effect on embryos, and may have other adverse effects on fertility.
Vitamin. There are three aspects from the main source of the sheep body to have a main source of vitamin: First, ingestion from the diet, the other is to organize the synthesis of various vitamins, and the third is the vitamins synthesized by the microorganisms of rumen. The situation in which the vitamin is lacking: First, because the feed storage time is too long, the vitamin is lost, and the second is that the long-term house feeding or the long time is in the stress, so that the synthesized vitamins synthesized. For example, vitamin A is essential for normal development of animal epithelial cells. If the lack, it will affect the reproductive force to some extent, mainly to be delayed in the early days of male and shewl, ewes or less production, new lambs Blind or unsatisfaction, the gathering, high incidence, angularization of the placenta, the incidence of uterine inflammation, the raw disease, the testicular shrinkage, the quantity of the sperm in the fine tube, the elimination machine of the ewes can reduce For β-carotene, some people have found that in the absence of beta-carotene and sufficient vitamin A can cause the hepatophene content, ovulation delays, low estrogens, ovarian cyst, rising, uterus, postpartum ovaries recovery The function of the function is prolonged, the early embryonic mortality increases; the lack of vitamin D is prone to estrus delay; vitamin E and selenium are important antioxidants, but their mechanism of action in reproductionUnknown, there is a report that vitamin E lacks will cause lambs.
Mineral lacks or imbalances. This situation can cause sheep infertility. Calcium indirectly affects reproduction. Phosphorus participates in energy metabolism and development and milk development, so it is closely related to reproduction. The lack of selenium mainly causes a decrease in fertility. Iodine Participate in the synthesis of thyroxine, therefore affects the reproduction of the sheep by thyroxine synthesis. (518 raised sheep network)

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