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Nutrients needed by dogs
, like all animals, to maintain life activities, and must have moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamin six major nutrient elements in their food.
1 moisture: water is divided into the most important substance of dog life activities. Digestion, absorption, transportation, waste of nutrients, and adjustment of body temperature and maternal milk, etc. must have water. Adult dogs should be given 100 ml of cleaning drinking water per kilogram of weight; the puppies are 150 ml of drinking water. The dog should be given all day, and it is free to drink.
2 protein: protein is the first nutrient element necessary for dogs to maintain life. General adult dog protein needs to be 4-8 grams per kilogram of weight, and the dog in growth and development is 9.6 grams.
3 carbohydrates: The carbohydrates in the food provide thermal energy for dogs, which is the source of heat required during the canine. The amount of carbohydrate required by the puppies is 17.6 grams per kilogram of weight per day.
4 fat: fat is an important source of energy, while also increases the equipage of food to help fat soluble vitamins absorb. Adult dogs’ fat needs were 2.2 grams per day per day and 2.2 grams of growing dogs.
5 minerals: minerals are the main components constituting functional tissue cells, bone marrow tooths, is the basic substance for maintaining acid-base balance and osmotic pressure, and is the main component of many enzymes, hormones and vitamins. The necessary minerals must have calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, cobalt, potassium, sodium, chlorine, iodine, zinc, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, selenium, etc.
6 Vitamins: Vitamin is a class of organic substances necessary to maintain the normal metabolism of animals. Although the required amount is very small, it is responsible for the important role of regulating physiological functions. For dogs, most vitamins must be obtained from feed. Because in addition to vitamin C and vitamin K, dogs cannot be synthesized in vivo. When vitamin is lacking, it will cause specific vitamin deficiency score

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